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Government Grant scam
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5/5/2010 2:41 PM (PST)

Has anyone else received a phone call from a "government Grants Office"? They are quite persistent and insisted they have $7,000 for me for paying my taxes and not being a criminal. In fact 1500 people have been chosen to receive this grant. They really wanted a credit card number and savings account number so they could get me my money in TWO HOURS!! I refused and said I'd like a check. They did give me a call back number, which I called. Our local sheriffs dept. called too but got no answer (caller id maybe?) anyway, after a really long spiel, trying to get a bank number out of me the whole time; they said they would send the check Fed-Ex. BUT... since I didn't have to pay taxes on this large amount the "government" was asking a tiny favor out of me as payback to those less fortunate. All I have to do is go to a Western Union office and wire $99 off somewhere and then they'd send my check. I laughed at them, hung up and called the sherrif's back. So watch out---if it seems too good to be true it is!!!

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5/5/2010 2:54 PM (PST)


This is a scam! Government offices do not call people randomly to offer money. Consider the offer, they say you have $7,000 but why would they ask for your credit card? If you did in fact win, why would they not just take the taxes out off the top like the State lottery does? Did you know, once you western union money, it is untraceable?

Companies like this prey on consumer in light of our economic position to take advantage and steal their money. Do yourself a favor and check out this information about government grants and you can actually receive them without going through a 3rd party that might scam you.

Thank you.

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8/23/2011 2:12 PM (PST)

Applying for a Government Grant is a lengthy and time-consuming task which must be done every year as long as you need to continue the work you need the money for. The Issuing Agencies pick through the applications with fine-tooth combs and you must meet every one of their very stringent requirements to even have your application put in the 'maybe' stack. Then you're up against the competition, which includes those researchers who have been working on projects that are their life's work and need additional funding to continue. I only speak from experience with the National Science Foundation, but all Government Research Funding Agencies work the same.

Take your time to turn in a good application. I suggest obtaining one of several books on the subject of applying for Government grants.

One more thing: One or more of the legitimate Government Grant-awarding Agencies might charge a fee for reviewing your application, I don't recall as it's been some years since I've applied for one.

Know this: A bona fide Government Agency will NOT do is call you on the telephone!

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