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- Jarrod Thomas, Customer Service Manager,
Unity West, Inc.

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Credit Assistance Network
Category: Services
7300 North Federal Hwy, Suite 202, 204,206
Boca Raton, FL 33487
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2/29/2012 7:37 PM (PST)

I found a company called here on tlink called Credit Assistance Network that charges a slightly higher fee then other credit repair companies. I see they have a better reputation, but other then that how are they different? I want to resolve some serious credit issues, I want the best service but I don’t want to pay more then I have to. After reading through the trustlink community I noticed a lot of haters saying all credit repair companies are scams. Let me say please refrain from responding to my question with “all credit repair companies are scams”. Im looking for the difference between this company and lets say Lexington law credit repair firm, or some of the others like ovation. Thanks much.

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3/27/2012 7:44 AM (PST)

Hi Shamika, I noticed your question regarding Credit Assistance Network and wanted to reply because it is my company. I have limited space to respond here so I will keep it brief. This response my seem bias because I own the company but your further research will show you how candid I am. I founded Credit Assistance Network back in July 2004 and built it based on the core principle of helping people and we are not your typical "credit repair" company. Our fees may be slightly higher then some of our larger competitors because we provide an extremely intimate and comprehensive program. We provide a free credit report analysis and consultation prior to enrollment to ensure you are qualified and will benefit from our program. If you are qualified and decide to enroll, we do not charge you anything until the work is complete which is in compliance with Federal Law. When you call, you will speak to a friendly and knowledgeable credit specialist that is familiar with your case. You are provided with an online account that allows you to view your progress and provides complete transparency. One of the primary differences between us and the others is that we go much further then the credit bureau level and work with your creditors, collection agencies and if warranted we will file complaints on your behalf with consumer protection agencies. We help resolve ID theft, correct conflicting personal information, coach you on how to re-establish your credit and do everything within our power to improve and optimize your credit reports. When it comes down to it, if you are seeking quality work; there really is no competition. Feel free to call us at (800) 315-0740 and we will elaborate further.

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