Dynatek Industries

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This company's business is the sale of office supplies by telephone.  
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Office Supplies Telemarketing
Office Supplies Retail By Telephone
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Customer Reviews & Ratings
Posted 7/16/2014

Melissa B.
I have been dealing with these SCAM artists since 2010, they got me once when I first started working at my current company. They call so much, its actually starting to get fun to mess with these people. Today I called them back and yes Ol "P... Read More »
Posted 11/7/2013

jeff k.
You gotta love the balls this place has. They call up my warehouse manager and tell him the tape he ordered is on backorder but will ship in a week or so. He thinks its our regular box/shipping supply place and says "okay". Based on that... Read More »
Posted 8/1/2013

Dave T.
A Nuisance
These annoying people phone every few weeks asking for the "shipping person" and I've gotten to enjoy screwing with the callers. I'm very familiar with the scam. If you really want to confuse them or stop them cold, sound interested and ... Read More »
Posted 6/18/2013

M. C.
I hope everyone reads all of the reviews for this company! This is the biggest scam I have ever heard of!! These people called my company offering a "complimentary" box of tape and a $5 Starbucks gift card. When I received the box of tap... Read More »
Posted 1/9/2013

Jon L.
Same old song and dance
We had about the exact same experience with Dynatek. They called our shipping department acting like they were an approved vendor that needed to verify our address in order to ship 'our tape'. We started seeing the tape show up soon after. Quality... Read More »
Posted 7/18/2012

Mercy C.
Scammers...negative stars not allowed :(
Had the same problem as others. They call your busy warehouse and offer you samples. You say yes and you are now on their auto-ship plan. They send you cases of tape and start billing you. When you call to complain, they try to "strongarm" you... Read More »
Posted 4/9/2012

patrick w.
DynaTek Industries Scam Artist Beware !!!
Do not do business with these Scum, They are just rip off artist who call up promise some free toy and will offer to send you a sample of some office supply instead they will ship you a case order of over priced junk and along with will be a Bill ... Read More »
Posted 4/2/2012

J G.
Complete scam! Believe all the negative reviews, they're all true. We just got scammed by them last week. Our shipping department is not authorized to make purchases, however they fell for the free product and locking in current pricing line that ... Read More »
Posted 10/20/2011

Cynthia C.
Review 10/20/2011
We were also scammed by this company. Luckily I was able to determine that it had never been ordered. It was still sitting in our warehouse unopened. Dynatek probably called asking who our shipping manager was and someone gave out her name. My... Read More »
Posted 10/13/2011

Big Bill 2.
Review 10/13/2011
these guys do as everyone else says. they scam ya. They call and say they have a gift and then send you a case of tape with a $423 dollar bill. Of course there is no invoice included with the initial shipment so that you may actually use the tape.... Read More »
Posted 3/18/2011

Alison A.
Review 3/18/2011
My experience with Dynatek is the same as most. I received a call from them saying that they had a catalog of new products to send me and asked me to confirm my address, so I did. I ended up with a 20lb box of tape and a P.O. for the same $427.20... Read More »
Posted 10/6/2010

lisa s.
Review 10/6/2010
SCAMMERS! they call us a few times a year. They are very rude and usually ask for our Shipping Department or the Shipping Supervisor. When I ask questions like "what is this regarding", they'll tell me they have a shipment coming in for us. I ... Read More »
Posted 9/10/2010

James C.
Review 9/10/2010
Scammers - This company dupped one of our employees into giving their name, the next thing you know we get a box of tape and a bill for $427.20 + $51.26.

These guys are shysters. Don't deal with them and don't pay their invoices.
Posted 6/26/2009

Rose D.
Review 6/26/2009
The same thing just happened to us and we received unordered boxes of packing tape this morning. Miracle-of-miracles we got a live person on the phone who told us to write "REFUSED" on the boxes and give them back to UPS today so they will be ret... Read More »
Posted 5/26/2009

Elissa B.
Review 5/26/2009
As everyone else has written, we received a call at our plant location and the security guard authorized (unknowingly) a shipment of tape.

When I called them, they told me that their return policy is to return within 10 days, but I did get th... Read More »
Posted 4/14/2009

Maggie B.
Review 4/14/2009
THIS IS A HUGE SCAM! I was filing in for the receptionist and recieved this call. I was told that an order was placed and they were going to ship it UPS and I was asked to verify our mailing address. We have recently moved so I told him he was inc... Read More »
Posted 3/26/2009

Jessica O.
Review 3/26/2009
I have read the other reviews and have a suggestion to anyone else having a problem with this company. I have rec'd calls from various people at the company, usually once every week or two - for at least the last 8 months! I requested to be taken ... Read More »
Posted 3/12/2009

Review 3/12/2009
We, too, rec'd a box of packing tape in January 2009 for a total cost of $427.20 plus $51.26 in shipping. Can't believe they are still in business. Question: Do we have to return the product? I don't feel like calling them again to get their F... Read More »
Posted 2/20/2009

David H.
Review 2/20/2009
Like the others here Dynatek Industries called up and talked to the person filling in on the phones. Got their name and asked for our shipping address. The next day a case of packing tape was received with no invoice. A telephone call led to claim... Read More »
Posted 2/12/2009

Review 2/12/2009
My complaint is almost identical to another posting: they were sending us "some tape to try" and then a full case showed up of 2" packing tape. Then a bill shows up for $427.20 with $51.26 in freight for a 20lbs box (INVOICE #156400 - dated 1/29/... Read More »
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