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We specialize in the retail sale of health and beauty products, such as; skin care, sports nutrition and women's and men's health products.  
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Customer Reviews & Ratings
Posted 6/7/2014

Carol W.
GSCM Fulfillment
After ordering 2 skin products, I have been getting false charges on my credit card for the last 2 cycles for items I never ordered and have not received, each time for a different company name. For example, SBP Beauty Perks put a false charge on ... Read More »
Posted 4/16/2014

Titania N.
Health Market facial creams GSCM on Lincoln in Burbank, CA
This company does not demonstrate legitimate business. You send away for a trial and then without your permission, they send you additional creams and debit your account even when you cancel. This is not reliable and if you want to play their game... Read More »
Posted 6/26/2013

Shirley C.
GSCM Fullment Warning non reply
I have had enough of the slack service from this company, requests to stop sending me product have falling on deaf ears. Anyone NOT in the USA be really careful and do not buy from them. For starters it will cost you heaps in international calling... Read More »
Posted 5/20/2013

Richard W.
Raspberry Ketone a RIPOFF
I responded to an on-line free sample offer of Raspberry Ketone to enhance energy. Shortly after, they billed me $16.99. This product is pure caffeine which I can't take. They sent a second bottle, so I thought. Actually, my credit card was billed... Read More »
Posted 4/21/2011

N G.
Review 4/21/2011
FRAUD! Don't buy from, they immediately sell your information to other Marketing companies and problems begin with unauthorized charges. Someone will call to confirm your address and will be followed by E-mails from the Marketing c... Read More »
Business's response - on 4/4/2012
We apologize if there has been any type of misunderstanding in any way. We are a reputable company and we are here to provide top customer service. We do not provide nor sale customers information.
Posted 10/31/2010

Joanne S.
Review 10/31/2010
re: ordered a "free trial" of Acai Berry Diet pills, charging the S&H to my credit card. My credit card company called me about suspicious charges..Did I authorize them? 3 small amounts, the S&H, and $70!
Realizing it was a scam,... Read More »
Business's response - on 4/4/2012
Satisfying our customers is our #1 priority, we do not charge anything without our customers consent. We do offer trials and part and most of trials consist of limited time to use to the product with the condition of you calling in or canceling. I... Read More »
Posted 10/19/2010

Carlos Andrés M.
Review 10/19/2010


The same thing happened to me a few days ago! It is the first time ever I see an invoice getting multiplied by 6!

I filed a complaint with my credit card company and they were unable to do anything unless I contacted the company myse... Read More »
Posted 9/21/2010

Chris C.
Review 9/21/2010 is a fraudulent company. They steal your hard earned money! This company should be shut down. They fraudulently charged me $70.94 for a product I did not order. I sent it back as they requested and confirmed Healthbuy received th... Read More »
Posted 8/27/2010

Lesley F.
Review 8/27/2010
This story has a happy ending and a solution for others who have been bilked by this company. I got sucked in by the ads for free trials and applied. Once I signed up and provided my credit card information, billed me for the full... Read More »
Posted 8/10/2010

Francisco M.
Review 8/10/2010
Last night, to my surprise, I noticed two charges to my credit card: 1) BUY HEALTH QPS, for roughly 135 USD (but charged in Mexican pesos), and 2) HEALTHBUY 818-3039253, for about 164 USD (also in pesos). I NEVER EVER did access a web page from th... Read More »
Posted 3/23/2010

Katie W.
Review 3/23/2010
Do not buy products from this company. I purchased the revitol hair remover and after following the directions precisely received severe burns on my legs. I called the customer service number 1-818-303-9253 and waited over twenty minutes without... Read More »
Posted 1/22/2010

Amber A.
Review 1/22/2010
This company is very hard to communicate with. Once you do get a hold of someone they just put you through loops. I was on hold about twenty minutes. I was trying to resolve an issue of being charged for items we didn't order. They said to file a ... Read More »
Posted 12/30/2009

christina c.
Review 12/30/2009
This is really a double edged review:
(1) DO NOT USE HEALTHBUY - THEY ARE SCAMMERS AND TAKE YOUR MONEY FRAUDULENTLY- However they like to pussy foot around it, make excuses for it, even blame us for it? They are taking peoples money under false p... Read More »
Posted 9/11/2009

Cal B.
Review 9/11/2009
First off, do not do business with this company unless you are ready to loose your money. This company is a rip off company, scam artist call it what you will, they are a pathetic company to deal with. Ripped me off for a $140.00 item I returned, ... Read More »
Posted 5/4/2009

Jim K.
Review 5/4/2009
Well, this business sent me a "free sample" of a month's supply of Revitol. As it might have done some good, I was willing to receive two jars per two months at $89. However, I never received the two jars. Then, when I tried to indicate this on... Read More »
Posted 3/31/2009

Susan B K.
Review 3/31/2009
The supervisor, Carrie Morris that I spoke with today about a mistaken charge (that refuses to accept responsibilty for) was rude, raised her voice, and refused to even listen to what banking personel had told me, she spoke over me a... Read More »
Posted 11/10/2008

Ben B.
Review 11/10/2008
This company has a return policy stating a restocking fee of $5.00 per item. I ordered one item, was sent a packing slip listing one item, the item came in six sealed boxes with two bottles in each. When i returned the item they refunded me my p... Read More »
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