Horizon Property Group, LLC

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This company's business is providing full service property management specialziing in multi-family units services.  
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Customer Reviews & Ratings
Posted 6/17/2011

Leslie f.
Review 6/17/2011
Outstanding staff, excellent service,the manager is very friendly.

I would recommend this business to everyone.

Loook!!!!!! No further
Posted 3/17/2009

Sara J.
Review 3/17/2009
I feel that this is an extremely safe and fun environment to raise my daughter. The management team is very respectful and easy to work with. Probably one of the best apartments I have ever lived in.
Posted 3/9/2009

Melissa G.
Review 3/9/2009
The owner is always very pleasant and willing to work with me.
Posted 3/9/2009

Alisha K.
Review 3/9/2009
The management team and the owner are very attentive to tenants requests. Also, I've lived here almost 2 yrs. with roomates and now am moving into my own apartment here due to the excellent amenities and affordable livng.
Posted 1/7/2008

Richard Allen
Review 1/7/2008
This is a seasoned company! They know how to handle emergencies! I had a flood in my apartment and while the experience was unpleasant, I was in good hands.
Posted 10/11/2007

Michelle Riley
Review 10/11/2007
Wonderful! Hard working team that actually cares. Take it from a resident.
Posted 9/1/2007

Henry G
Review 9/1/2007
A very flexible company to work with. They are willing to go the extra mile!
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