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This company's business is loan modifications.  
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Customer Reviews & Ratings
Posted 10/1/2012

Andy O.
My name is Andy Olivarez and I have owned Mortgage Counseling Center, Inc for over 10 years. I was not aware of any other company with my name until I received many attorney letters from clients of this other company. I have spoken with that other... Read More »
Posted 6/19/2012

Sharin D.
6 years struggling put to an end
Before coming to Mortgage Counseling Center, I was been struggling to modify my loan to keep my property for the past 6 years with Bank of America. After so many fails attempts I decided to go with Mortgage Counseling Center. After less than 3 mon... Read More »
Posted 6/1/2012

Elmer C.
Much Needed Relief on a Modification
With the help and support of Mortgage Counseling Center, I was able to qualify for a much needed modification. The modification that I received offer principle reductions so that was fantastic. I had tried before plenty of time but B of A just wou... Read More »
Posted 4/26/2012

Jesse S.
Fantastic Job
Mortgage Counseling Center did a fantastic job on our modification. Richard and Peter were always there for us and help us secure a modification that is totally awesome. We went from a $2000 mortgage payment to a $450 payment. It does seem like ... Read More »
Posted 4/26/2012

Pearl M. G.
Assistance received on loan modification from Mortgage counseling Center
I am very pleased with this company. In six months they got me a loan modification with one of the toughest, well-known loan mortgage bankers. I had tried on my own before but gave up before completion because of frustration. My assigned legal s... Read More »
Posted 4/18/2012

Rita J.
Threat of a Lawsuit Gets Their Attention
Against my better judgment, my husband signed a contract with these thieves and they did nothing for us. After dealing with people that are not in the office, I got mad and took over this situation. While my husband is very trusting, I am not so... Read More »
Posted 3/29/2012

dell h.
They ripped my wife and I off for more than $2,000.00 after more than 6 months of lies and a runaround after we supplied all the documentation, letters of hardship, etc. that they asked for. Refused a refund. . I hate to say we got duped, but w... Read More »
Posted 3/29/2012

jan B.
They took $3,000.00 from me, and, after vague assurances of HARP, loan modification, principal reduction, etc. my mortgage went UP at the end of 7 months of their runaround, lies and poor service.....their offer of a "refund" was $725., in other... Read More »
Posted 3/5/2012

Liesel B.
The worse service and no results
I started with the compnay in Aug 2011 and they were very nice and helpful "IN THE BEGINNING". After the first section we didn't hear from the attorney's for days, the only time they would call is when they wanted money. We were told that the mone... Read More »
Posted 10/26/2011

Frank C.
Review 10/26/2011
Mortgage Counseling Center helped me on obtaining the loan modification. I tried with my bank for 6 months and only got the run around and excuses that they needed more documents from me...time after time. I am pretty sophisticated related to numb... Read More »
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