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PlanetHospital is the world's first and largest Medical Tourism company. Established in 2002, We help people get medical care in over 24 countries around the globe. We are also the first company in the world to provide international surrogacy and gay  
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Posted 2/21/2011
Review 2/21/2011
My Experience / Craig Wright I was suffering from Symptomatic Tarlov Cysts. (A rare condition reco... Read More »
Posted 4/15/2014
" Outstanding customer service, Very professional "
I am 44 years old and was diagnosed by my surgeon in florida as needing an immediate Total Hip Repla... Read More »
Posted 2/14/2014
I think if you are not trying to have a baby you can use this company
I a very skeptical person by nature. I did not want to go forward with PlanetHospital after reading ... Read More »
Posted 1/18/2014
Search All Reviews and all news stories on Planet Hospital before you proceed!
Planet Hospital and failed to fulfill our contract for surrogacy in Cancun Mexico and has failed to ... Read More »
Posted 11/11/2013
Do your research before you choose to work with Planet Hospital...
I speak from experience, not only did my husband and I work for PlanetHospital I am also a current c... Read More »
Posted 8/23/2013
I recently had shoulder replacement surgery(Aug 13,2013)facilitated by planethospital in Bankok ,Tha... Read More »
Posted 8/21/2013
Planet Hospital has been very accommodating to me.
I scheduled a surgery for my shoulder with planet hospital in late June had some trouble getting my ... Read More »
Posted 8/17/2013
Don't dare to ask questions of PlanetHospital
I contacted PlanetHospital to get information on surrogacy in India and spoke with Geoff Moss. As I'... Read More »
  Business's response - by rudyrupak on 11/14/2013
Dear Ann, My name is Rudy Rupak, I am the CEO of Planet Hospital, I am sorry to hear that you felt ... Read More »
Posted 8/16/2013
Surrogacy program in shambles: Serious issues with professionalism
Disorganized, unable to provide even basic documentation. As long as we were willing to accept excus... Read More »
  Business's response - by rudyrupak on 11/18/2013
When your surrogate was briefly pregnant, your blog portrayed me as a hero, which basically proves t... Read More »
Posted 5/29/2013
Taking the mystery out of international surrogacy with professionalism and patience
We began looking into surrogacy programs inside and out of the United States and while we were under... Read More »
Posted 4/13/2013
Planet Hospital a great Medical Tourism Company
I contacted planet hospital after seeing a special on medical tourism, My fiancé and i were looking ... Read More »
Posted 4/10/2013
Finally recieved the relief I desperately needed with help from Planethospital.
After many years in pain I finally took the situation into my own hands and found assistance from Ge... Read More »
  Business's response - by rudyrupak on 11/5/2013
We are so delighted to be able to help, thank you!
Posted 3/24/2013
My Story
Hello..My names Angela let me tell you about my experience with hospital planet.I started researchin... Read More »
Posted 1/31/2013
I'm better than I've been in years thanks to the Planet Hospital and Ahnsei Hospital
As this was my first time going overseas to do MAJOR surgery, I was quite apprehensive. Not having i... Read More »
Posted 11/15/2012
Thank you Planet Hospital!
I am a client utilizing Planet Hospital's surrogacy connections to become a father. I am a single, ... Read More »
Posted 10/13/2012
Geoff Moss and Planet Hospital- A Ray of Hope
My husband and I have been dealing with Mr. Geoff Moss of Planet Hospital since April, 2012. We ha... Read More »
Posted 10/9/2012
This is a new and BETTER way to promote and provide healthcare!!!
Mr. Moss helped me on my upcoming surgery. He looked into everything...communicating with doctors i... Read More »
  Business's response - by rudyrupak on 10/9/2012
Mr Andrew, thank you so much for your wonderful acknowledgement of our company and I mean this in th... Read More »
Posted 4/25/2012
Stem Cells for Lupus
My daughter has had lupus SLE for 10 years. When we decided to go to China for a stem cell transpla... Read More »
Posted 4/23/2012
Thank you PH
Planet Hospital helped me through the toughest times in my life. You don't know how bad a kidney sur... Read More »
Posted 3/31/2012
Extremely Happy!
Both my wife and I have utilized Planet Hospital to administrate surgeries outside of the United Sta... Read More »
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