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This company's business providing rental listing services.  
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Customer Reviews & Ratings
Posted 5/22/2013

Mike C.
FRAUD, LIES, THEFT! AVOID THIS BUSINESS! Report them to State of Calif & Sheriff!
AVOID THIS BUSINESS AT ALL COST!!! A COMPLETE SCAM OPERATION! You will lose your money, FOR SURE! NONE of the listings you find in Pennysaver or on Craigslist exist; each and every one is INVENTED by the "Creative Ad Writing Department" ... Read More »
Posted 8/8/2012

Les M.
Beware of dishonest company, worst experience ever!!! SCAM!!!
From the day i signed up with this company i regretted it. Had to pay $180 for rentals in very shady areas. They told me to go look at them myself. Most of the listings did not meet my requirements i signed up for. I always had to follow up with ... Read More »
Posted 5/11/2012

Dave U.
Platinum Consulting is a Horrible Scam, STAY AWAY!!!!!!!
Do NOT do business with this company. Do NOT be fooled by their employees posting good reviews for them. IT IS A SCAM. They list on Craigslist and try to hook you into going into their office and paying cash only. They will hand you worthless list... Read More »
Posted 11/1/2011

Nyra S.
Review 11/1/2011
I am writing to tell everyone that platinum consulting is a TOTAL SCAM. I cant believe that I fell for this scam just like everyone who has complained about them has. This place is a joke I went to them back in july because I found a ad on craigli... Read More »
Posted 10/18/2011

Matthew T.
Review 10/18/2011
Follow the advice of the other reviewers here and DO NOT USE PLATINUM CONSULTING. Cathy is totally condescending in her customer service and they will rob you of your time, money, and patience.
Posted 9/6/2011

Kimberly P.
Review 9/6/2011
Platinum Consulting is a Rip Off. They did not supply me with rentals in the area I stated on my agreement, but ensure me they did have rentals in my selected area. "Customer Service" wants me to supply them with all their listing within the 90 ... Read More »
Posted 7/18/2011

Danielle H.
Review 7/18/2011
These people at Platinum Consulting do nothing but give you the run around. They do not go and view any listing with you, and when they have your money in their hand, they ignore you, pass you off to customer service and do everything in their pow... Read More »
Posted 6/7/2011

Review 6/7/2011
This place is an absolute RIP-OFF. DO NOT USE THIS SERVICES, not matter how desperate you are to find a place. Now I'm being told I do not have right to a refund because I did not turn in "24 updates to recieve a refund or had come in and sign o... Read More »
Posted 6/4/2011

L C.
Review 6/4/2011
DO NOT USE PLATINUM CONSULTING, unless you don't mind throwing money away. First, nothing about this company is ethical. I am so disgusted with their lack of customer commitment and honesty. I cant stress enough do not use this service, it is just... Read More »
Posted 3/21/2011

Angie L.
Review 3/21/2011
I would give this place a zero but I don't have the option to do so. Sadly the workers are misleading on the information they give over the phone AND in person. They run a scam in which they cannot take credit cards (should have known that this wa... Read More »
Posted 1/22/2011

Maria z.
Review 1/22/2011
DO NOT go to this place for rental properties. They are a total scam! Their contract and their words are full of lies! They will not give you a refund of $180.00 if you decide to cancel the contract as the are telling people over the phone. #1, yo... Read More »
Posted 8/31/2010

Chris S.
Review 8/31/2010
This business practically stole my money. Everything that was promised to me never fell through. After not keeping their end of the contract for the latter half of the first four weeks of my membership, I decided that I would let the 90 days run o... Read More »
Posted 7/1/2010

George M.
Review 7/1/2010
This place is a scam. There isn't a way to find the place for there is no sign in front. You have to call them to find it and they only point out that it is to the left of another shop. The phone operator picks up the phone but does not say compan... Read More »
Posted 6/29/2010

James G.
Review 6/29/2010
Just wanted to warn people about those scam artist losers at pc. They will look you staight in the eye and tell you that your new born baby is so cute while ripping you off for $180.00. Steer clear of these dirt bags. I was not surprised to see th... Read More »
Posted 6/22/2010

Maribel G.
Review 6/22/2010
I felt the same way as all these people do that these types of companies are rip-offs or scams, but I unfortunately went to a rental office and got no help and just got the run around. But then it came down to one week before I had to move I had ... Read More »
Posted 5/10/2010

Victoria C.
Review 5/10/2010
I didn't like the way they dealt with me the MOMENT they got my money. It was as if right after that moment, I was no longer their client or their problem. They gave me four yahoo maps of places to look at and sent me on my way. I went to these pr... Read More »
Posted 5/1/2010

karen w.
Review 5/1/2010
PLEASE BE AWARE!! Whatever they promised you will not happened! WHY? Because on the agreement it says "any promise or understanding not herein specified in writing is VOID!!!"Yes! it means even they promised you they will give you a refund on the ... Read More »
Posted 4/12/2010

Nicole C.
Review 4/12/2010
I joined this company with the understanding that they would help me to find a rental property. I have come to find that this company is providing me with a list of property's from the mls, taking private listings and claiming that they are workin... Read More »
Posted 3/28/2010

Elisa M.
Review 3/28/2010
i don't like this agency, because they give their customer listing of houses that have already been rented out and property that has been sold. Owners have no idea that PC is trying to rent out their property. The people at PC are very rude, when ... Read More »
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