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This company's business is providing loan modifications, bankruptcy, personal injury matters, probate, estate planning, business litigation, labor & employment, immigration and criminal defense services.  
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Posted 7/19/2014

faye s.
state trust legal is bad news-RUN THE OTHER WAY!
In Sept 2013 I was solicited by mail for a loan or rate modification. The mailer had the name of my mortgage company all over it; so I thought it was from my mort company-I called and heard the offer aND it sounded too good to be true/ and of cour... Read More »
Posted 8/22/2013

Mary B.
I was scammed on my home loan modification.
In April 2011 State Law Group said they could help me with a home loan modification as a go-between to my mortgage lender, Bank of America. They wanted $3500.00 and told me that I did not have to make my mortgage payments, and they told me I shoul... Read More »
Posted 5/11/2013

joy s.
Beware of state law group. RIP OFFS
My husband was in and out of work so we decided that the best thing to do is do a loan modification so that things will be more manageable.State law group said that they will do it for us but we have to pay them $2000. They told us to stop paying ... Read More »
Posted 5/4/2013

Tacky Lee s.
I have been robbed.
State Law Group is the biggest fraud in history. They took my money saying they will try to get a loan modification on house . They told me to stop paying the mortgage because that is the only way i am going to get a loan modification. Now i am in... Read More »
Posted 3/3/2013

Avoid these folks at all cost. They are liars and scammers. I started dealing with them in the fall of 2011 and have finally dumped them. They claimed they had special insider relationships that mortgage holders had no access to. The reality i... Read More »
Posted 2/6/2013

jane r.
This 'company' has scammed my 75 year old father by telling him they can modify his Wells Fargo mortgage. They told him if he paid $3500 they could modify his loan but he had to stop paying his mortgage. He stopped paying and SLG has done NOTHIN... Read More »
Posted 2/28/2012

Rob R.
This “State Law Group” are simply a group of attorneys who prey on people who are either facing foreclosure or have began the process. This “State Law Group” makes a habit of sending predatory notices that are designed to appear to look like a “Fi... Read More »
Posted 2/27/2012

Rob R.
Be Careful, This Group Is VERY dangerous!
This group is a simple scam. They may be attorneys, but are deceptive. Today I got a "mailer" offering loan modification. The mailer hid the name of the firm by only providing a phone number. When I calked the number, I asked the name of the firm ... Read More »
Posted 2/25/2012

Al R.
Beware of this scam
I received unsolicited mail claiming to be from my mortgage company, turned out this company is buying information and pretending to offer modification for 3495.00 upfront. After speaking with Brad Prepon who said he was a lawyer I discovered tha... Read More »
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