Waffle Collectibles, LLC

2.6 star rating Based on 9 reviews
The company's business is providing diecast model aircrafts at retail.  
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Customer Reviews & Ratings
Posted 8/4/2014

Steven B.
Good Experiences !
I've now purchased over a dozen models from Michael over this past nine months & he has treated me very well. He has been faithful to his word when I've placed an order (pre-orders take awhile but he states that upfront), & if I've had que... Read More »
Posted 12/3/2013

Don B.
Do not do business with Michael Warfel or his company. I have had multiple bad experiences with them. The first instance was when he shipped my package to the wrong address and when I expressed my anger he said, "I shouldn't even waste time w... Read More »
Business's response - by Michael W.on 12/3/2013
The buyer per his invoice which I am willing to provide to anyone (which was sent to the buyer) will clearly state that the buyer ordered and received the item that he bought. If this was not the item that the buyer wanted, then he was offered to ... Read More »
Posted 9/5/2013

stephen p.
No problems
I have had nothing but positive experiences since discovering Waffle Collectibles a year or so ago-all the orders I have placed have been accurately filled and the web site is very clear about pre order and special order policies-I recently receiv... Read More »
Posted 4/7/2013

Lee C.
My personal experience
I have purchased MANY toy planes & have only had four issues. 1. pre-order item wasn't shipped for months...info was in FAQs; i was new & didn't know how the industry of collectable planes worked. 2. Item broke in shipment...didn't follow direct... Read More »
Posted 10/1/2012

james l.
Michael Waffle is a cheat, he has an Extremely Bad attitude and his customer service is the worst i have ever encountered, his 2-3 weeks shipping usually means 2-3 months or more . I still have not received the planes i ordered from him 3 months ... Read More »
Posted 6/20/2012

Luis R.
Worst retailer ever
Beware with this guy, he will delay the shipment of your models indefinitely notwithstanding they are in stock, but if you dare to complain you will only receive the worst insults, this is not the way to make proper business, and finally when I ... Read More »
Posted 10/4/2011

Jack G.
Review 10/4/2011
This is the worst company ever, do not buy from here. They will delay your order indefinitely, make up stories, and even take up to a year to ship something out. Support emails are full of insults to the customer. Waffle may also post your full na... Read More »
Business's response - by Michael W.on 4/18/2012
THE FACTS: The OP purchased a special order item that as per evey single item's page will state whether the item is a in-stock, pre-order or special order item. In addition, it clearly states company policy for special order items which "usually ... Read More »
Posted 9/10/2011

Sean K.
Review 9/10/2011
I have purchased a few items from this website but not anymore. God help you if you ask him a question about your purchase. Today, I emailed the owner/Customer service to get the dimensions of a plane which was not posted. This guy can never answe... Read More »
Business's response - by Michael W.on 4/18/2012
THE FACTS: The OP stated in his email that he was too busy to look up the specifications of an aircraft himself and left it upon the retailer to look it up for him. Many of our items come with size descriptions, unfortunately we are unable to prov... Read More »
Posted 8/8/2011

Victor B.
Review 8/8/2011
Very poor customer service. Orders can take a month or more to arrive. Prices are higher than in hobby shops and on competitor sites. When contacted, the customer representative, who I believe is the owner of the company, was aggressive and actu... Read More »
Business's response - by Michael W.on 4/18/2012
THE FACTS: The OP questioned, numerous times that a toy airplane was "illegitimate" after explaining multiple times that just because it does not state the manufacturer of the model on the box does not mean it has not been produced by said manufa... Read More »
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