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Some Powerful Baby Sleeping Strategies
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10/28/2018 10:51 PM (PST)

Babies are not sleeping all through the night! It’s a common complaint from all of the new mothers. New mothers find it very difficult to get their babies to sleep for the whole night and this is a very common thing. So, no need to worry at all for that rather learn some useful techniques and things will become much more simple to handle by you. Read here the best baby sleeping strategies for your baby. • Create an environment when it comes to the sleeping time. The baby needs to make understand the difference between the day and night. Allow sunlight in her room during the day time while the night time should have a dim light in the room. Install a dim light in her room and switch on that light when its time for her sleep. The baby will eventually get habituated with the sleeping pattern. • If your baby wakes up very frequently during the night time, then you can offer her the dream feed. The perfect time for dream feed is between 10.00 pm and 12.00 am. It can help her sleep for a stretch. • In case your baby wake up at the mid night, do not look at her eyes. As per the experts, eye contact with parent will encourage them to play rather than going to sleep. So, gently look at her belly and pat her on the back to calm down. Also, do not rush to the baby as soon as she starts crying. But give her some time first to settle down on her own and in case she still keeps crying for more than 5 minutes, then go to her and help her get sleep again. • Ensure your baby is wearing the best and comfortable dress during the night time. Soft clothes made of cotton that has loose sleeve is just perfect for the night time. Newborn dresses are really tough to buy. However, you can consider checking out the Popreal store that has excellent collection for the newborn including the newborn princess dress. • Co-sleeping is another best idea to help your baby get better sleep. But in that case ensure the room is free from alcohol, drugs, smoke etc. Also, keep away all the pillow and blanket from her. Make her sleep on her back for better sleep. So, follow these strategies and eventually everything will become normal.

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