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Complaint Posted 2/7/2011
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I did not have a positive experience with Mesa Law Group. I intially contracted with them to do a loan mod for me when I had just enetered a trial period for my Wells Fargo Mortgage. I was advised to let them try to do a loan mod instead of entering the trial period I had set up with the bank. About 9 months later I was offered by wells fargo to put the arrears back into the loan which I was also advised to reject. After that, the house went into foreclosure. I asked to have half of my loan mod payment (2500 total - half is 1250) returned because mesa did not succeed in getting me a mod done (by their own admission) as was stated in their initial contract.

Here is the really bad part - I entered a program to postphone sales dates on a monthly basis while attempts were still made by mesa to modify the loan. I confirmed with wells fargo, the wells fargo trustee, and the wells fargo foreclosure attorney that my first two sales dates had been postphoned by them due to my recent chapter 7 bk filing. The agreement in the foreclosure program is to pay 1750 each time the mesa attorney has to act to postphone a sales date. Well, the mesa attorney (Mike Quintanilla) initially claimed that he was the one who postphoned the first two sales dates. Upon telling him that this was not true per my 3 others sources, he immediately backed off of his claim and promised to postphone the next sales date. I agreed to this. Mike then claimed he postphoned the third sales date the day before the house went to auction. About a month later, I called the bank and found out that the house sold at auction on the sales date that he claimed to have postphoned.

I have recently been told that I am not getting back the 1750 either because Mike again is claiming he postphoned one of the first two sales dates (which I know and can prove is not true). As for the third sales date, Mike is not interested in discussing 1) why he told me it was postphoned when it was not 2) why he did not advise me of this and I had to find out on my own a month later and 3) he now seems to be having trouble getting back to me with an explanation for all of this but of course plans on keeping all of the money.

In conclusion, the intitial 1250 I mention I am obviously not thrilled about not getting back. However, I can acknowledge that they at least tried to do something for me with the bank. There was some work done and some effort made - the bank just refused to mod the loan. I think I am due the 1250 back, but I at least can live with this part. As for the 1750, I have been advised that what happened is pretty much fraud. Mike attempted to claim he postphoned all 3 sales dates (which was not true all 3 times as I can prove) while he was suppose to be my attorney acting in my best interest! Also, after claiming to postphone the 3rd sales date and claiming that he did so, he never got back to me to tell me that it did not work out. So, I do not fault him for not being able to postphone the sales date, I fault him for keeping the 1750 and not telling me a month after the fact that the home was bank owned for about a month. Had I known this, I likely would have gotten out of the house immediately. Now I am being harrassed by a realtor who is threatening to evict me (which is a permanent part of my rental history and makes it impossible for me to find a rental) while I scramble to get out of the house on short notice.

I now cannot get a hold of Mesa to address any of my concerns and/or an explanation as to why they are keeping the 1750 in particular. It appears they are just going to ignore me and keep my money knowing that there is nothing I can really do to get the money back. Well, what I am going to do is complain on every message board and agency that I can find. Maybe this will help me get a response.

I was just reading Mesa's web site regarding their foreclosure delay program (or whatever they are caling it). It states on the website that they will never collect the money up front and that they will only collect the money after the services are rendered. THIS IS A FLAT OUT LIE!!! Mike Quintanilla demanded that I pay him up front so that he could "have the money ready in case he needed it to postphone a sales date." So, even though he never was responsible for delaying a sales date (which I can prove), he is going to keep the money anyways.
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