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Complaint Posted 7/18/2020
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I highly recommend everyone should keep away from the ON YOUR SIDE FOUNDATION REPAIR company. I had extremely bad experience with this company, please read on.... The manager, Selvyn D and his crew repaired my foundation based in Oak Cliff. In the contract signed between us, we agreed $6000 for the repair, also we agreed that the payment will make after completion of the work; it was agreed that $3000 will be paid after completion and the other $3000 to be paid after 2 inspections by the City of Dallas and engineer inspection. Also, he promised to pay me $100 per day if he did not finish the work. Selvyn D was given an engineer report to do the repair, he was supposed to do all repair based on structural engineer report by Tompkins & Associates Professional Engineering based in Carrolton TX 75006. Selvyn D and his crew started the work on August 17, 2019. Selvyn D said the work would complete by August 24, 2019. Before completion Selvyn D requested for payment, that was on August 22, 2019 that I issued him a check for $3000. Selvyn D deposited the check on the same day. The work was done in 4 days; it was not even half done. The crew did not follow the engineer’s instruction. Selvyn D complained that he did not understand the structural engineer report. After the fourth day, I noticed that there are items missing from my premises; 5 x rims for Jaguar and a dolly. I don’t know what other items were missing from my house. On the third day, one of the crew asked me if I want to sell those rims. I told him that I need them for my Jaguar and I was not going to sell. But, they disappeared from my house. About the dolly, I saw his staff was using my dolly, it also disappeared. On August 24, 2019, I sent text message to Selvyn D and requested for my missing items. He showed up at my house and caused disturbance when my other worker (Hispanic) was working. He demanded for $6000. He complained to my Hispanic worker in Spanish that I did not pay him. He started to video my house and the yards, front and back yards, all the way to the end of the yard. I called 911, two police officers showed up and he also complained to police officers that did not pay him. He continued to shout in front of my yard for more money, for $6000 when police officers were here. I reported to police for disturbance and trespass. On this day, I told him that City of Dallas will come to inspect the foundation on August 26, 2019. He left; he didn’t care. He left. On August 26, 2019, City of Dallas inspector Mr Kenneth M issued a red flag after he inspected the foundation. The repair work did not pass City of Dallas inspection. On August 28, 2019, Selvyn D called me at 7:45am and said that his workers would come to resume the foundation work. When they arrived, I asked them for their IDs, they were horrified and drove away as quick as they could. They were afraid that I would call police. I told Selvyn D to send workers with IDs to work on my premises because I do not want anyone to take my things without permission. Selvyn D said all his workers have no IDs. The work is not completed. He wanted to lien my house before completion. On August 30, Selvyn D filed for small claim in JP court at 410 S Beckley Ave, Dallas TX 75203 under the case number JS-19-00000-P. He claimed for $6000. He denied that he received $3000. Up to today, he still says that he did not received $3000. The check was issued to his name, i.e. PAY TO THE ORDER OF Selvyn D, check # 0000, amount $3000. I filed for counterclaim. In JP court Selvyn D told to the court that he did 90% of the work, and also he told the judge that he did not received the $3000. He also accused me that I called police when his workers came to work. The judgment entered against me, that I should pay him $2000. I filed for appeal. The case will be heard in County Court at George Allen Court Building in downtown Dallas. On June 19, 2020, at mediation session, Selvyn D told the mediator that he was willing to accept $2000 under the judgment, instead of $6000. He told the mediator that he did not receive the $3000. He also told the mediator that he had created lien against my house. He hired attorney to lien my house for $2000 under the judgment. *** On June 24, 2020 I contacted Selvyn D, to tell him that I was ready to pay him $2000 and asked him to release the lien that he set on my house. He said he wanted $6000. So, we agreed to meet at Chase bank at W Illinois Ave at 9.00 am on Friday morning (June 26, 2020) to show me the lien document. He said he would come with his bodyguard. He put Loretta G on the phone and we all agreed to meet at Chase bank at 9.00 am on June26, 2020. On June 26, 2020 (Friday), I waited for them at Chase Bank for 30 mins. They did not show up. When I called Selvyn D to tell him that I was at Chase Bank, Selvyn D said he would ask Loretta Michelle G to call me. Loretta called and said that her lawyer is typing out agreement for our protection, she said we could meet later today or tomorrow morning. On the same day (June 26, 2020, Friday), in the afternoon, I went to CAPITAL ONE bank; I made inquiry about my check of $3000 that issued to Selvyn D. The bank staff said she could not do anything unless the payee is here. So, I called Selvyn D and asked him to come to Capital One bank to check his account statement if he received the $3000. Selvyn D told me not worry; he said he is suing Capital One bank for half a million because the bank stole his money, $3000. On June 27, 2020 (Saturday) at 9.02 am, I called Selvyn D if we can meet today at Chase bank to show me the lien document. He said he has not got paper work ready yet. He said he was busy. Maybe we can meet next week. On June 29, 2020 at about 11 am, I called Selvyn D again to arrange with him to meet at Chase bank. I told him that Chase bank will help us to find that $3000 that went missing as he claims that he never receive anything from me. I informed him that he has to come to Chase bank to sign a document in order for Chase bank to investigate the missing $3000. We agreed to meet at 1:30 pm at Chase bank at W Illinois Ave. I told them to bring lien documents. Loretta E said that she had removed the lien and there is no lien on my house. I requested to see the old lien. She said that there was no old lien. It had been removed. I told them to come on time because of COVID 19; I do not want to wait out there for too long. At 1.30 pm, they did not show up. They have the gut to trick an elderly. They both agree that I didn’t pay Selvyn D anything. Learning from my experience, do you want to hire ON YOUR SIDE FOUNDATION REPAIR to do work for you? *** We had mediation session on July 14, 2020, Selvyn D told the mediator that he demanded for 90% of the work that he completed, that comes to $5400. He also told the mediator that he did not receive the $3000 because I stopped the check. On August 24, 2019, he made my Hispanic worker believe that I pay him nothing. On Aug 24, 2019, he told 2 police offers that I pay him nothing. On Aug 30, 2019 he filed for a small claim in JP court, to claim for full amount of $6000. On Sept 09 24, he complained to me on the phone that he did not receive any money from me. On October 14, he accused me that I stopped the check. On November 13, at the JP court hearing, he told the judge that I pay him nothing. On June 19, 2020, he told Jennifer Calhoun, the mediator that I stopped the check. He made her believe that I pay him nothing. On June 24, 2020, still said that I pay him nothing On June 25, 2020, his secretary said I stopped the check and she put a lien on my house for $6000. On June 26,2020, he said he never receive anything from me when I asked him if he had received the $3000 from me. On June 29, he said to me on the phone that I have not paid him anything yet. On July 14, 2020 at mediation session, Selvyn Deleon told Jennifer Calhoun that he demanded for $5400 for 90% of the work done. He also told Jennifer Calhoun that I stopped the check.
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