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Complaint Posted 12/11/2009
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Review 12/11/2009
My experience with the Prodigy Law group was Bad! I have a great truthful letter to write here on behalf of my experience with them so please read it throughout. I know it's long but worth your hard earned money to help you make the right decision for you and your loved ones.

I hired them to fight for me in winning my home back for I was being forecloesd on Hire date was 6/3/09 and their BBB grade was a B at this time. They started the business on 2/11/09. Now look at their grade.

The only reason I gave them a 1 star below is for that is the minimum. Had there be a no star option I would have selected it.

Where do I start.. well first off the day I hired them they were to only take a half installment and make the other half in another 30 days. Instead they took the entire amount. They did refund me the other half when I drove up to their office and brought this to their attention. When the 30 days passed and they were to take their other installment and did not I called them to notify them of thir mistake.

As soon as I signed their agreement it was all downhill from there. They never once made me feel comfortable, important, or confident that they were doing the job I had paid #3,500.00 dollars for.

They did not get help me get a modification though it was a workout trial plan. They got me the same mortgage payment that I had currently been paying and I could not live with it. In this new mortgage payment it did change to a all inclusive payment of Principal, Interest, Property tax, Ins, 1st mortgage only. Not a lower payment and no change in interest rate. I origonally had a interest only. I had a 2nd as well that received no modification.

Below is a letter I wrote and emailed to the owner and below that will be his response back to me. You can be the judge. You will see as he couldn't even answer the questions I had listed for him. I do realize that there were no guarantees that they would get me a better loan however when I sat down with their salesman with an amazing pitch he said I am 90% sure we can get your payment down from 2,600.00 a month to 1,300.00. He was good and knew all the right things to say. Please be sure to read it throughout.

This letter was sent on 11/12/09. David and I talked on the phone and scheduled a meeting for us and 3 other prodigy law group members to discuss my case and how poorly it was handled. When I got there he did not show and there was only Gary and his associate.


This message is intended for Seth David Heyman owner of Prodigy Law Group.

I am very displeased to find that our scheduled appointment was not important enough for you to show up to at 10 am Wednesday morning. At the very least if you were not able to make it you could have called me ahead of time. That was extremely unprofessional as my time is very limited. You were the one I wanted to speak with. It is your name that is on the line, however it shows that there is a reason your grade is a D on the Better Business Bureau. It is clearly evident that your employees have the same work ethics. You not showing up or calling to reschedule our appointment today is the same experience that I have received from the day my initial deposit was received.

Your company has never made me feel comfortable. I might as well have continued to handle the modification on my own. I requested and demanded my money back yesterday and I was told it will take 3 - 4 weeks to evaluate how much is due back to me. That is not an acceptable answer.

I will take whatever actions necessary to ensure there is an acceptable resolution! I will be sure to inform everyone how you do business at Prodigy Law Group.

What I am extremely displeased with is how you treat people. Gary acted very non shulant and stated “I am sorry that this loan mod was not what you were looking for”. He was the attorney handling my file and did not even know that he had not received all the information on the loan from the lender that was to be forwarded to you guys for review Predatory Lending Acts. I left multiple messages was never important enough to receive a phone call back. I would go several days before getting either a returned call and or before the person I was looking for would answer the phone. My file was closed prematurely and I was never given the results of what the lenders had to say until I started asking for supervisors. The new person handling my case never called to inform me that they would now be my contact. I would call and ask for a supervisor and your office would not forward me to that person. Instead I was forwarded through again and again to voice mails of other individuals than whom I asked for.

I can go on and on with the terrible experience that I received with your company.

If I had felt you were all doing what I hired you to do and whatever it was you could do to help me save my home and did not succeed I would not be writing is letter. I am not going to say I would be pleased, but at least I would know and feel that you did your best to do what you were hired to do. But that is not the case. You are all there collecting a paycheck while there are people like me that are on the brinks of losing their job and not knowing if I am going to have a job the following month. We are getting taken advantage of by you and your employees that you have hired to help people save their home's. Your company over promises and under delivers to those in need of help in saving their homes

Had you told me that I would be handled with complete and utter disrespect, I would have never hired you!

If you had told me you were going to ignore my phone calls time and time again without phone calls back, I would not have hired you!

If you had told me you would close my file prematurely, I would have not hired you!

If you had told me that you were not going to follow up with the lender to be sure that you had all the information from them, I would not have hired you!

Tell me why I have paid $3,500.00 for service like this?

Would you pay $3,500.00 for this service?

I would not have hired you and I am pretty sure you would not have hired yourself.

Bottom line is. I want my money back! I am aware of the steps I can take!



I had scheduled the appointment for you to speak with Gary Patton, the attorney who was working on your case and the Case Management Officer. If there was a misunderstanding as to whether I would attend, I apologize for that. Rest assured, I would have been present had I not had to take care of an urgent personal issue.

I’m sorry the meeting did not go well. I understand your conversation with Gary became rather heated when he explained the amount of work we did so far, and what the next steps would be. You also stated that you did not want us to continue working on your file as you were not pleased with our customer service, or the results we obtained thus far. I believe Gary explained that we would calculate the amount of work we did for you and bill out your file and process a refund in accordance with our fee agreement and standard practice. I am not certain what that refund would be at this point, but I will see that it’s done quickly, and I will review it myself.

As to the customer service issues, you made it clear to me that you were upset for our staff’s failure to promptly return your phone calls. I respect that issue, but as Gary explained, the failure of our staff to return calls promptly would not have affected the outcome of your case. We worked very hard on your file, with demonstrated results.

I know you’re an honorable person, and I am as well. Again, I apologize for the misunderstanding regarding the meeting, and will go over your file carefully with respect to the refund, and we will be in touch with you to discuss it.

My meeting with them did become heated for I felt I had been completely taken advantage of with absolutly no care or interests on their end. Not only am I losing my home I am out $3,500.00. I Have not yet heard from them in regards to what kind of refund they believe I deserve. It has been 1 month. I am now out to spread the word. Save your money and please be sure your friends and loved ones stay away from this firm. Their office is very disfunctional in their work place. Lots of underlings.

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