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WISPRENN provides small towns, rural areas, and growing communities with high speed internet.  
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Posted 4/16/2010
Katie v.
Review 4/16/2010
We recently moved to the area and signed up for the Wisprenn service. About 2 weeks after we had it, I received a phone call from wisprenn staff letting me know my internet wasn't connecting. Needless to say, I was shocked that they were calling m... Read More »
Posted 4/8/2010
Mark G.
Review 4/8/2010
Wisprenn High Speed Wireless is a great solution or alternative to anyone in the Apple Valley - Lucerne Valley areas that do not have High Speed access to the Internet: My first month of service has been very reliable and the connection speeds tha... Read More »
Posted 2/25/2010
Bill M.
Review 2/25/2010
Wisprenn is a choice for you who don't have cable or FIOS runing to your house, ie, people like me that are out in a rural area that has few to no services. I had Hughes.net and then WildBlue.net. Both are satellite based, so performance is much... Read More »
Posted 1/15/2010
Casey W.
Review 1/15/2010
I am very happy with Wisprenn, I was a Hughesnet customer for 3 years and finally found something faster and more reliable then them. You cant find faster service for the price. I would recommend Wisprenn to everybody, their customer service and p... Read More »
Posted 1/12/2010
Lou G.
Review 1/12/2010
I'm absolutely delighted with both the performance and service of wisprenn. I am paying less that a third of what I was paying Hughesnet for their "premium" service and I'm getting better performance and reliability.
I would highly recomend their... Read More »
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