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Customer Reviews & Ratings
Posted 5/8/2013

k b.
I am upset with Chegg due to an issue I had today. My computer would not let me make an online order for books so I called the 1-888 number. I asked if the associate on the phone could place my order for me. She said she can not take orders over t... Read More »
Posted 1/23/2013

jenn b.
Chegg Book buyback reviews...
It's really too bad that has so many buy back issues... I would have been more than happy to send my books to them but I want to insure that I am dealing with a responsible company and by the looks of it they are not.
Posted 11/28/2012

Anthony H.
Chegg Ebooks are horrible
I am shocked at how bad these ebooks really are. During the semester the books worked if that what you want to call it. I was able to see the material, but all the words showed up running together, which made it really hard to read. Now at the ... Read More »
Posted 9/7/2012

M V.
Chegg is greedy.
Like I've said in another review, I had bought an Connect access code from Chegg for $75 only to later find out that it'd be $30 cheaper to buy it straight from Connect. I returned it unused and unopened, but only received a refund for $45. Appare... Read More »
Posted 8/31/2012

Otum B.
Chegg is the pits
Thought these folks are okay, but just got totally screwed out of a lot of money as they make up the rules as they go. Bye, bye, birdie or I guess birdie to be since their logo is an egg--a very bad egg.
Posted 8/28/2012

Jeff W.
Chegg- dont waste you time
Rented our first (and last book from CHEGG). They sent the wrong book 3 times. We thought after the first 2 times they may have something wrong with their inventory so when I talked to the Chegg representative on the phone they actually called the... Read More »
Posted 6/25/2012

adeline d.
Info about Chegg
I find this very interesting that Chegg's webmaster has NOT provided anything else since potential customer, like me, read the reviews. This was on their website... About The business has not provided this information yet. If you are ... Read More »
Business's response - by Jesus G.on 6/25/2012
Hello Adeline, My name is Jesus and I'm a Student Advocate at Chegg Inc. I would be more than happy to discuss any concerns you have about and provide any assistance needed with our products and services. Please feel free to reach me ... Read More »
Posted 1/27/2012

Jake S.
Chegg is a SCAM on the college student. Don't waste your time, effort, or money on these scam artists. Worst customer service ever,but what can you expect by a company ran by undergraduates. This was a student project gone horribly wrong. If ... Read More »
Business's response - by Jesus G.on 1/27/2012
Hello Jake, We're sorry to hear about the troubles you've had so far. We would be more than happy to find a resolution for you. Unfortunately, your TrustLink profile doesn't have enough information on it to link it to a Chegg account. If you coul... Read More »
Posted 10/1/2011

Review 10/1/2011
Please do NOT use this company. Lost my textbook, I called several times and talked to managers, told they would reimburse the cost of the book. I was only reimbursed for the shipping cost. I am still calling the company, and following up legally.
Business's response - by Jesus G.on 1/27/2012
Hello M.H., I would be more than happy to look into what happened with your refund. However, your TrustLink profile doesn't have sufficient info to link it to a Chegg account. Could you possibly provide me your Chegg order number? There have be... Read More »
Posted 9/12/2011

Review 9/12/2011
AMazing company, supper cheap and great customer service!!

Almost all the books i get are New!!

Will never use anyother company!!

Happy Chegg Customer!!
Posted 1/13/2011

Jenna H.
Review 1/13/2011
This company is a rip off. When i called because i was out of the country for a family members funeral, they told me they only had a max of 14 days to override the system for a refund on the books they assumed i wanted to purchase. a friend also ... Read More »
Business's response - by Jesus G.on 1/27/2012
Hi there, I'm truly sorry your concerns have been left unattended for so long. Although a great amount of time has gone by, I can still look into this for you if you can provide me your Chegg order number. In order to be sure your books are proc... Read More »
Posted 1/5/2011

Review 1/5/2011
When I ordered my books I felt secure until I noticed they stored my credit card information and I can't clear it out. I know they should have it on file if I was to rent something and not return it, but it was a purchase. Also, I've been getting ... Read More »
Posted 12/19/2010

martin m.
Review 12/19/2010
Stay away from Chegg. My daughter turned her books into UPS on the due date and Chegg still debited her account $267 dollars the very next day causing an overdraft. The customer service department argued that she did not turn them in even though t... Read More »
Business's response - by Jesus G.on 1/27/2012
Hello, Regardless of what business you're dealing with, this is definitely not the experience I would want anyone to have. I'm honestly very surprised and a little embarrassed over the experience you've described. I certainly wish to apologize on... Read More »
Posted 11/30/2010

Sherri S.
Review 11/30/2010
I thought Chegg was a reputable vendor . I rented 2 books for over $70 each . I had to drop my courses unexpectedly and returned the books immediately . Only 1 book was listed as returned and after waiting a week there was no refund acces... Read More »
Posted 9/23/2010

Brock L.
Review 9/23/2010
How in the world a company like this has an A+ with the BBB, doesn't give me much confidence in the BBB anymore. It is becoming political also.
Would rate Chegg a Zero but I can't.
SCAM!! Do not "try" to sell your book to them unless you neve... Read More »
Posted 9/13/2010

Shae A.
Review 9/13/2010
I just used Chegg for the first time and I have to say my experience has been horrible. I orders a book for one class about 5 days before the class started. After about 2 days and there was no update to the "in process" message, I called to see wh... Read More »
Posted 9/10/2010

Penny J.
Review 9/10/2010
I had the same problem as Sarah F....I find it hard to believe that Chegg is unable to get tracking numbers from their 3rd party vendors. They kept assuring me that the book had been shipped. I was then told that they would overnite the book to ... Read More »
Posted 9/9/2010

dashell f.
Review 9/9/2010
I ordered a book from them that was supposed to be delivered on Aug 31, prior to that date I called to check the status and was told that it would be there. It was not so I called on the 31st and they issued me a credit for delivery and said it w... Read More »
Posted 9/1/2010

sarah f.
Review 9/1/2010
I am having the exact same problem with that the women who posted a review earlier had. I ordered a bunch of books two weeks ago and had received all materials earlier than expected...except for one book. Of course this book is for the... Read More »
Posted 8/27/2010

cindy v.
Review 8/27/2010
Order placed on 8/16 for history book due to arrive 8/25. By Friday 8/27 the book had not arrived. Site unable to track. Called company, they offered to cancel order or reship with a 4-7 working day delivery. Either way my daughter woull not have ... Read More »
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