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Posted 12/21/2011

Tammy M.
3.27 Ct Round Cut Solitaire Ring
I love this ring! It's just what I wanted. When it came, I was so happy. David is very helpful. He made me feel comfortable about buying a ring online. I would definitely buy from him again.
Business's response - by David S.on 8/20/2013
It was my pleasure to work with Tammy, she had lost her original engagement ring and was on a budget to replace the ring. Even though the ring took us 2 weeks to make during the high holiday season, she was in love with the ring once it arrived. W... Read More »
Posted 8/27/2014

Jeff B.
Lead here by a friend that works with me, it took a while to find the perfect ring since there are actually a lot of designs that look kind of similar but are subtly different. It can be said, though, that they really made something from scratch a... Read More »
Posted 8/19/2014

Joshua A.
It has to be said...
It has to be said that this company has some interesting policies but it is alright since this is mostly a small business where things are taken care of instantly if you have a problem. For instance, we wanted to send diamonds to our mom but becau... Read More »
Posted 8/12/2014

Jessica B.
Back for more jewelry
Almost exactly a year ago now the first purchase with diamond studs wholesale was made and I was pretty happy with what I got. My area has several jewelers so I went to see what deal they really had, so I walked just up the street and matched doll... Read More »
Posted 7/25/2014

Hank G.
Can't get away
For some reason while looking through countless websites looking for the perfect diamonds this company came up several times in my investigations... so I compared what I saw and the return policy was fine so I went ahead.. the product was signed f... Read More »
Posted 7/14/2014

Brandon K.
Small store not open to the public
It's incredibly hard to find parking in this area of downtown unless you either want to pay at least 5-10$ or walk a bit, but there are many many jewelry companies around this area. Unbeknownst to me before arriving, diamond studs only accepts cus... Read More »
Posted 6/23/2014

Ben P.
Earrings for my girlfriends birthday party
My girlfriend loves her new earrings, and so do I! I gave them to her on the way to her party and she flipped out. I cant believe how gorgeous they are for the price. I had a lot of questions, but Jim was more than happy to answer them all. I will... Read More »
Posted 6/9/2014

Joe K.
Recent experience with an engagement ring
After a lot of research on the subject of diamonds on the internet and with a few friends in the business of jewelry, it recently became my time to purchase an engagement ring for my girlfriend. At least eight or more e-mails or more were sent bet... Read More »
Posted 5/21/2014

Concerned C.
Do not buy from DSW-Very poor quality
Avoid purchasing from this company at all costs. I am a business professional, and have rarely seen this level of blatant disregard for quality and service. My order was clearly not up to the grade standards that I ordered. The stones were worse t... Read More »
Posted 5/6/2014

Kifon R.
Not expensive stuff
All these diamonds in my neighborhood at the pawn shop and jewelry shop they are so expensive and you know I ain't got the money to split on that kinda stuff... I had to get my girl something nice tho and the prices are very decent.. get your swag... Read More »
Posted 5/5/2014

Jessica Z.
Soo happy for my wedding set
My wedding is coming up in a couple of months and I needed three sets of diamond necklaces, diamond earrings, and of course my diamond rings. Needless to sayy it was a great experience speaking over the phone with them and working it all out so th... Read More »
Posted 4/25/2014

Hector M.
Cinco estrellas
I am very happy I see their shop online. They help me on the phone to see my order and now my wife is very happy, no more fighting. Much thanks
Posted 4/4/2014

Samantha U.
Amazing service, I'll be coming back for sure!!!
Mel was wonderful, quick to respond to all of my emails and patient with all of my questionS. Unusually buying online is stressful since there is little interaction with real peoplec but I was sent pictures and walked through the whole process wit... Read More »
Posted 3/20/2014

Gene L.
Jus impossible
The prices just got to be impossible originally and I didn't want evening continue because of that . But I thought I would give it a try so that my girlfriend would get off my back since she's been looking at this stuff for months . She got what s... Read More »
Posted 3/13/2014

fernando e.
Purchase of diamond earrings online
Wholesale is supposed to be the cheapest way to buy stuff whatever you want..so look up wholesale diamond and you get these guys. the stuff didn't come for days so I emailed and jim said they got it ready for the next day... my girl is happy I'm h... Read More »
Posted 3/7/2014

sarah t.
Have a full recommendation from my family for this purchase
It took a long time to look on the internet to buy some jewelry especially fancy jewelry that I can wear everyday. Type up a cheap diamond engagement ring or cheap diamond earrings and everything is so expensive. That or fake. Local jeweler said g... Read More »
Posted 3/5/2014

deshaan w.
Ain't no other jeweler that I've ever met can provide these kinds of deals that I see right here. Peeps let me come into their showroom damn they got it going on like a million dollars of stuff in there. So far I've only spent a couple g here, but... Read More »
Posted 3/3/2014

Ron d.
First experience in this kind of purchase
Shopping form. a small store online there are definitely some things you have to pay attention to since they aren't like that stores in the mall. Thankfully my wife was very happy when we first got the Diamond we ordered. We did have a slight prob... Read More »
Posted 2/28/2014

john r.
Free shipping good price
I don't really understand how anyone can give this place a bad review, not only are there people nice but they really do whatever they can to help. I did have a slight mistake on my order but once they took a look at it they completely refunded my... Read More »
Posted 2/28/2014

David F.
I think the title says it all. I purchased a pair of diamond studs for valentines day and they arrived on time. The problem was as soon as they were delivered within minutes I opened the box and saw that one of the diamond studs had a chip in the ... Read More »
Business's response - by David S.on 2/28/2014
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