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As one of the world's largest screening providers focused 100% on employment screening, we're specialists at helping organizations of all sizes efficiently implement, manage and control employment screening programs.  
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Customer Reviews & Ratings
Posted 4/25/2014

Matt R.
Hireright Website must be written by a 12 year old.No Edits, etc.If you are an employer thinking about using them DONT
0 Stars!!!! I had this part time job for the past 7 years & every so often they require a background check and drug screen for their customers. I passed all of these. This year they used HireRight. When I was on their web page filling out the ... Read More »
Posted 3/5/2014

Jean B.
Unprofessional, unethical, unreliable, immoral and void of any value!
I have spent nearly 2 decades in IT with most as a contractor. I have been through numerous background checks and HireRight has been completely and absolutely without any merit or professional quality. They request items under the law they can't, ... Read More »
Posted 1/29/2014

Jean A.
I Actually Did Their Work for Them!!!!
I received a job offer from a company that hired HireRight to do the background investigation. When we were done, some 18days after the offer, I had provided all of the info that they should have been able to retrieve as well. I received at least ... Read More »
Posted 1/8/2014

Asif I.
Dumb and Dumber is an Understatement
This is probably the dumbest company that I ever encountered. To give you an example of their dumbness, when I filled out the employment history form, I could fill only Month and Year and they by default set the date to 1st within their system. So... Read More »
Posted 11/9/2013

bob s.
Most information provided by this company is completely wrong.
Most information provided by this company is completely wrong. I am a software engineer who primarily works contracts because it pays better. I was finishing a contract and starting interviewing for a new one. I did the technical interviews which ... Read More »
Posted 10/22/2013

Hiram M.
35 days for a criminal check only and still pending
It has now been 35 days since my (hopefully) future employer has sent in a request for a criminal check. I have NOTHING on my record and still am in pending status. Due to this, they are ending their contract with them at the end of the year. My b... Read More »
Posted 10/16/2013

Rachel G.
These people are COMPLETE idiots!!!! DON'T create a company if you don't even know how to do what you're supposed to! This is the longest background check I have ever had to do because every other day they email me asking for more information like... Read More »
Posted 8/20/2013

Nader B.
Terrible service!
They require way too much detailed information. Their service is terrible as well.
Posted 5/21/2013

Alan B.
Companies will HATE you if you use HIRERIGHT!
DON'T USE THIS COMPANY if you are thinking about it. Other companies who will receive calls from HireRight will HATE you. Here's why. If you call sales or customer service you get a friendly person in the US speaking english very clearly. That's g... Read More »
Posted 5/17/2013

Jeremy B.
HireRight Inc. is a joke when it comes to doing background checks
I recently accepted a contingent job offer from a company and they were using HireRight as their background check company. This company obviously has no idea on how to successfully get information for people they are researching. First issue I ran... Read More »
Posted 4/4/2013

Mo M.
Terrible Service
constant communications problems between my University and Hireright. There was a false hold on my records at a third part academic records verification company that translated to Hireright not confirming my academic records. I called the Universi... Read More »
Posted 3/26/2013

pam w.
DDDDDoooonnntttt UUUUUSSSEEE!!!!!!
this company is a scam and could have you without a jod!!! this company ask me to send in my w2 forms. This company has incoorect dates for my prev jobs, Hireright pulled up criminal report from the age of 15 im 21 now nothing on my background. Hi... Read More »
Posted 3/8/2013

Hire Right Employment Checks
I handle HR at an agency and have recently been contacted three times in the last several months regarding employment checks of past employees. When the individual calls our main number, she/he asks the receptionist if she could help with an emplo... Read More »
Posted 3/7/2013

nope n.
Hire-rite is the worst
This is the worst background checking company I ever had to deal with. I'm sure they will cost me this job. I was asked information on my last employers.. then was told it check out. now I have to send them W2's on ever last company that check out... Read More »
Posted 1/22/2013

AT&T Candidate
HireRight manner of business and their complete lack of communication between their own employees creates a vicious cycle of misinformation and downright false reports - just as the FTC found when they sued HireRight for 2.6 MILLION dollars becaus... Read More »
Posted 1/9/2013

Tash P.
Unable to verify through VeriSign logo
I have been given a job offer with a company that uses HireRight to perform background check paperwork. When I began the necessary process in order to become quickly employed, I came to a halt at the redirecting to HireRight's web address. Once ... Read More »
Business's response - on 1/9/2013
Hi Tash, Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Security is a top priority for HireRight and we are committed to protecting your privacy. We maintain stringent data security policies through our practices, processes and systems to ensure ... Read More »
Posted 1/8/2013

Dianna A.
HireRight reported a discrepancy when there was none!
Hire Right reported a discrepancy with my education when there was none. When completing the requested information for my background check, I was not given the option to list a day of graduation, only the month and the year. When I received my "co... Read More »
Posted 1/4/2013

LitaRene K.
Not what I expected
After reading the reviews I admit I was a bit skeptical. I have read that Hireright either delayed the process of getting hired, or requested documents from the potential employee. (W2 forms, diplomas, check stubs) However that was not the case. ... Read More »
Posted 12/30/2012

Reported "discrepancy" when there was none.
My new employer used HireRight to verify my BA and PhD. HireRight could only verify my BA through a third party (NCSH) since I only completed my PhD two weeks before HireRight performed my background check. Moreover, HireRight obtained the incorre... Read More »
Posted 12/11/2012

Hal P.
Reported imaginary "discrepancy", but eventually changed the report when I complained
HireRight was hired by my new employer to verify my employment application. I had reported my BA and my MS degrees. HireRight used a third party (NSCH) to inquire about my MS, and apparently NSCH reported back to HireRight about my BA only. Hir... Read More »
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