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As one of the world's largest screening providers focused 100% on employment screening, we're specialists at helping organizations of all sizes efficiently implement, manage and control employment screening programs.  
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Customer Reviews, Ratings & Complaints
Complaint Posted 12/2/2015
After 3 months of interviewing with a reputable company with 10 interviews I was provided a job offer contingent on background check company. This company is the most incompetent company I have ever dealt with. I have over 20+ years of excellent e... Read More »
Complaint Posted 11/22/2015
John T.
Momma only got the job because of NO work history.
Congratulations to "Momma" for getting hired and not having to deal with the total fiasco know as Hire Right constantly demanding W-2`s, tax forms, and still being unable to "verify" anything. I lost a decent position this past February because of... Read More »
Review Posted 11/9/2015
Angie m.
Easy peasy, Momma's getting a J.O.B!!
I have a job offer pending this background report from a major hospital network. I completed my info and submitted it. They only wanted the past 5 years which was simple since I've been a stay at home mom for the past 7 and just worked at my churc... Read More »
Complaint Posted 9/17/2015
Heather S.
Do NOT use this service. I was in a rush to complete background checks because our vendor required it. As our small organization had grown, we never had implemented a standarized screening process. I called a few reputable places, but the wait t... Read More »
Complaint Posted 7/24/2015
Gaijin P.
Absolutely worthless
They could not do a simple check of my employment history or School Records. Something that took me 5 minutes to verify with the same information that I provided HireRight. It's my belief that they are outsourcing their work to India (based on the... Read More »
Complaint Posted 6/29/2015
Mark R.
Total incompetence
HireRight was contracted to perform a background check on me going back 7 years. They were unable to confirm the simplest of records, either educational or work related, including understanding that 7 years prior to 2015 does not include 1984! I h... Read More »
Complaint Posted 6/19/2015
Howard G.
Worthless Waste of Time
After letting my Paychex rep convince me to use this service, I filled out the paperwork, finally got my sign on. I input all my employees but kept getting a pop up saying they needed to credential me. Finally got the credentialing info, tried to... Read More »
Complaint Posted 6/10/2015
Scot P.
Zero Stars
This company, as so many others have said, is completely useless. I have been waiting on a background check for over three weeks now. I am consistently asked for contact numbers from my previous employer, where I've worked for the past 13 years. I... Read More »
Complaint Posted 6/1/2015
Nick J.
Incompetent and Difficult to Work with.
Hireright did my background check and did no follow-ups with references. Basically, if they don't get an email back immediately with their 2 page reference, they then say it's your responsibility to contact them and ensure delivery. Like anybody e... Read More »
Complaint Posted 5/1/2015
Clement D.
Completely Incompetent
I was being hired by a large multinational that use HireRight. I basically had to do all the work on HireRight's behalf. They were so incompetent that they could not check my references from 2 years ago, even when I provided them with the HR conta... Read More »
Complaint Posted 4/29/2015
Tina E.
HireRight...Beyond RIDICULOUS!!!
After having over 25 plus years of employment and background checks for potential jobs, never have I come across a more inept company when it comes to verifying important information for employment. Just when you think you are finished answering a... Read More »
Complaint Posted 4/17/2015
Todd T.
They cost me my job....Hireright you suck.
Started the background process on 3/23/15. It is 4/17/15 and they said they would not have my background check finished till App. 5/4/15? I had so many issues with them needing phone numbers,and addresses. "Look it up you lazy @#$@$@#" Then they w... Read More »
Complaint Posted 4/14/2015
H G.
They are established to humiliate the hard earned qualified candidates at the end of their nerve wracking process. They turn the whole process very uncomfortable and like other reviewers mentioned they ask you to provide them with your confidentia... Read More »
Complaint Posted 4/1/2015
You will lose candidates if you make them deal with Hire Right - Waste of Time!
This company is a total joke. They don't do the background check, they just contact the applicant and request w-2's. After I filled out the information providing the phone numbers of the HR dept of my former employer they contacted me and requeste... Read More »
Review Posted 3/11/2015
Gia G.
Pretty Good Experience
I made the mistake of reading the thousands of reviews regarding this organization and about gave myself a stroke. The process (specifically the drug test) was extremely long. They have no sense of urgency and refuse to contact the phone numbers y... Read More »
Complaint Posted 2/20/2015
Rachelle M.
This company is a joke.
If you are unable to accurately do a background check, I can save myself the time/effort and give my work history information directly to the HR department for the job I have applied to. This is a large waste of my time, and from the reviews cou... Read More »
Complaint Posted 1/23/2015
Leslie S.
Inaccurate Information, unprofessional and unethical
I recently went through a background check with this ridiculous company and it cost me a position that I already had received an offer for. The information they provided my perspective employer was completely inaccurate! They have me listed at 10... Read More »
Review Posted 11/25/2014
Jeffery L.
I'm not sure what the big deal is about all of the negative reviews. It appears to be a lot of job applicants who are ignorant about the background check process. Yeah, HireRight asked for my W-2, but that wasn't that difficult to provide. I spoke... Read More »
Complaint Posted 10/4/2014
Susan S.
I have never failed a background check in my life and I have never had to hunt down documents. EVER. I've worked for several huge firms and I've done various contract work and at times I've had background checks run on me multiple times by differe... Read More »
Complaint Posted 4/25/2014
Matt R.
Hireright Website must be written by a 12 year old.No Edits, etc.If you are an employer thinking about using them DONT
0 Stars!!!! I had this part time job for the past 7 years & every so often they require a background check and drug screen for their customers. I passed all of these. This year they used HireRight. When I was on their web page filling out the... Read More »
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