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Milstein, Adelman & Kreger, LLP is a prominent plaintiffs' litigation law firm uniquely positioned to deliver aggressive legal services to individual & corporate clients across the United States.  
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Posted 1/22/2014

kristen c.
Reviews Say It All
My home has been locked in the class action home defect lawsuit since 2009. Lots of solicitation to sign documents and send information then the trail of information goes cold. I have been calling, emailing, and writing this attorney about my home... Read More »
Posted 7/30/2013

Steve g.
Great Firm!
This firm helped my wife with her Mirena lawsuit. They've been really responsive and helpful. I would highly recommend them
Posted 10/2/2012

James K.
Light years beneath useless
This firm is as useless as bird s---- on a windshield !!! Lazier than a cadaver on sabbatical . . . . . . more useless than a welcome wagon in a ghost town. Get as far from these nincompoops as possible
Posted 8/4/2012

Amy M.
Not trustworthy
We got sucked into a lawsuit against the home builder for the defects in our home by this law firm because we had absolutely no experience in any suit and thought this would be a less painful way to get the construction defects fixed. We were wron... Read More »
Posted 7/5/2012

mike e.
milstein adelman suit
The other reviews are dead on. Same story as the others. They filed a class action suit against my home builder and received a settlement. They called me up and said they had a check ready for me, but I needed to sign a release first. I asked the ... Read More »
Posted 6/13/2012

Steven B.
Complete lack of Customer Service, response to emails, phone calls and excuses
This firm was involved in litigation against the builder in our 545 home community. They solicited everyone in the Community to line their pockets. In January 2012, I had to pursue their organization to seek the status of the case, not only for m... Read More »
Posted 6/5/2012

mom37 m.
response time
The reviews are true I have left 3 voicemails for Christina Kurtz and no response. I will follow the advice of the other reviewers and see if the developer will fix the problems.
Posted 9/13/2011

Review 9/13/2011
We were approached about 6 years ago by this office who was doing a class action suit against a builder in Roseville. We have lived in our home since 2002, and are one of the few remaining original buyers in our development. At first we ignored ... Read More »
Posted 7/1/2011

f h.
Review 7/1/2011


I've just received a letter saying the prominent California law firm considering filing construction defect case against bridle bridge/Kimball hill homes on behalf of Oakdale,ca residents if anybody has more info on this I would appreciate ... Read More »
Posted 9/3/2010

david j.
Review 9/3/2010
This office is doing a class action suit against out builder in Sacramento, it has been going on for a couple of years or more which is normal, they lie, they will never communicate, they never return calls. EVER. If I personally hired them they w... Read More »
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