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  • My family has had an excessive amount of things going on in the past months, so we're extremely pleased how easy Gary and Laura made the refinance... Read More »
  • This is my review of my recent interaction/refinance action with your company. This was my second ReFi with Prime Choice, and I must say that is wa... Read More »
  • Best and easiest way to be deceived is a place the order without reading customer reviews about service. I highly recommend to read them and follow... Read More »
  • We were greatly appreciative of such a quick turnaround time and everyone we spoke with throughout the booking process was very responsive. We will... Read More »
  • I am very pleased with my decision to go with STRADA. The team walked me through each step, making sure that I knew exactly what was going on throu... Read More »
  • Thank you for the amazing move. My things was not light because it consists of many heavy things like a cabinet full of clothes and other equipment... Read More »
  • I want to thank Madeline Lam and her team at Linear Home Loans for making the refinance process extremely smooth from beginning to end. Madeline is... Read More »
  • I had to give the whole service a try first before I purchased a package. True enough, there was a total of 56 point increase on my credit scores a... Read More »
  • Worked with Alex, very professional! understands how important a provider's time is. Experience was quick and seamless!! Karen C. Read More »
  • This is the worse marketing company. They promised to update my old address in old directories but they never did. Instead they updated new directo... Read More »
  • For years my husband and I have tried to do a modification with Ocwen. It was excuse after excuse, with no help! I became disabled and my husband w... Read More »
  • I recently purchased a Schwinn AC Performance Plus with Carbon Blue and MPower Eschelon2 console with power meter. I contacted Steve during my proc... Read More »
  • I just got a bill for over $1000.00 for my small business phone. I called my phone company to find out this UTI switched my phone service with out... Read More »
  • I stumbled upon Westwood Legal by accident and I'm very happy that I did. Initially speaking with them, we confirmed a plan of action to take my in... Read More »
  • I ordered some of Gravity Defyer shoes early this year. Took a while to get them and when I did, they were not the right size (my problem not knowi... Read More »
  • A few weeks ago I was approached by Callbox on an email campaign I suppose, and they found me at the right time, as I was looking for a marketing s... Read More »
  • One of the best places i have got gill from Read More »
  • Kayla went the extra mile to help me with my car re-finance. I was extremely impressed with her patience with me and dedication to my situation. I... Read More »
  • The customer service is amazing with live chat and the sellers reply very quickly if you have any concerns. They ensure your safety in buying accou... Read More »
  • Choosing an SEO company requires more than a simple phone interview or a quick browse on their services. To ensure lasting and positive results for... Read More »
  • I've had the most wonderful experience purchasing Schwinn A.C Sport Cycle with Steve. I could not believe how informative and patient he was to all... Read More »
  • I recently purchased Cybex 750A. Was having issue getting it on time. Spoke to Augustine Pizano. He listened to my concern and took action right aw... Read More »
  • I can't thank the team of Oak Ridge Financial enough, for working with my lender to modify my loan. They were a god send. I was very skeptical when... Read More »
  • Keith did a wonderful job refinancing my car loan. He explained everything to me very efficiently and sometimes even twice per my request. He was a... Read More »
  • Hola mi nombre es Lianet Vidal, solo quería comentarles acerca de mi proceso de en el refinanciamiento de mi carro el cual fue muy sencillo y rápid... Read More »
  • I worked with Steve Park on my auto loan and found him courteous, efficient, conscientious and well informed on what he was doing. His explanations... Read More »
  • The team at UMC was excellent, especially Adrian and Lisa. they kept me informed at all times of the progress of my application. I had some difficu... Read More »
  • I wanted my Roth rollover conversion to gold and silver to be seamless and through much research I chose Regal Assets. I work hard for my money/sav... Read More »
  • We are your Local Tyre service and because we do not have the overheads of the National Tyre Firms, we can guarantee to supply and fit your tyres c... Read More »
  • I was recently contacted by Secure one capital regarding an inquiry I had made on line about refinancing my condo. Previously, I was working with a... Read More »
  • I used this company 5 years ago so didn't hesitate to place an order with them this September. When I was giving them my credit card number they sa... Read More »
  • The we whole process didn't take very long and it was very simple. I was very satisfied and would recommend this service to a any one Read More »
  • This was my first time with a precious metals IRA. The initial paperwork was very easy and it only took a few minutes to fill it out. I highly reco... Read More »
  • Did wonderful job with refinancing my car. Done all the work for me. I would highly recommend Keith for any auto loan. Read More »
  • I love the fact that some one is taking our digital property, and across the board giving it value. If I want to resell my xbox discs I am able to... Read More »
  • I just completed my automobile refinance with the assistance of Steve Park and he was awesome! He assisted me along the way. Steve was professional... Read More »
  • I highly recommend Oak Ridge Financial to anyone that needs assistance with a home modification loan. The guidance and support received throughout... Read More »
  • Kalya Banuelos and her staff and everyone that worked with her were efficient and very comfortable to work with ,my refinance was done quickly easy... Read More »
  • Easy process I highly recommend it to anyone.Fernando Pepio is really easy to work with, great customer service. Read More »
  • I'm very satisfied . Was able to incorporate everything we wanted into incredible visibility .... went above and beyond by giving us a SEO services... Read More »
  • I prefer as it is the single platform to choose the awesome titles, slogan, taglines, and logo design for your business. And its list... Read More »
  • I refinanced my car through National Auto Loan Network. Kayla Banuelos answered all my questions completely and in a friendly, efficient businessli... Read More »
  • I would definitely recommend NALN. My loan was processed in a matter of 2 hours.Steve Park was so helpful and very polite.I felt like I was speakin... Read More »
  • I just completed a Gold IRA rollover. Charles is a very patient person. I have called him many times with questions. This was my first time buying... Read More »
  • naln lowered my apr from 6.24%-3.99% and it only takes a week to get everything done. Kayla Banuelos who took care of my case was very nice. She ex... Read More »
  • Rami was great to do business with quick and easy. Quick and easy and no hassle.Thank you Rami. and New American Funding!!!! Read More »
  • I purchased 4 music boxes for my wife and grand children from the Music Box Attic. I knew pretty much what I wanted the end result to be and descri... Read More »
  • I took the course over a three day period. you can actually finish in a day. It makes you do some real thinking if you want to get something out of... Read More »
  • Denise M. and Garrett M. were very helpful and informative through the entire process. I couldn't have asked for an easier process. I especially ap... Read More »
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