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  • We gave Walter a $10,000 deposit a year ago and the past year has been a mess trying to get him to pay us back for the work he never did. We tried... Read More »
  • I was extremely grateful for the help received from Christian Howard at Regal Assets. He was well informed, professional and courteous while assist... Read More »
  • They were fast and professional! Moved my 2 bedroom apartment within 3 hours. Wrapped all my furniture. Quick and efficient! Highly recommended! Read More »
  • Professional, high quality service, and fast! They did a great job, and I would definitely use Move Quick Inc again. Read More »
  • Moved from 4th floor apt into a nearby house. They showed up on time and ready to work (on a Sunday too)! They were careful with our furniture and... Read More »
  • Had Heard all the disaster stories, so didn't want the same to happen to the vehicle we purchased from Wellington Florida USA. Seller was very help... Read More »
  • I purchased a new Physiostep from FEB a couple of weeks ago, and dealt with Israel C. Everything dealing with Fitness Equipment Broker was a good e... Read More »
  • I am wanting to share with others the outstanding job Kiley did with my refi. Kiley maintained excellent communication throughout the process.He ga... Read More »
  • Easiest contract I have ever gone through. Dominic Cutuli and Stephen Chiu were the best. They had no problem answering and explaining every questi... Read More »
  • System allows for well documented, protected trading. Scams can be easily avoided. Rep system helps to determine how safe a seller/buyer is and if... Read More »
  • It took my son some time getting into the groove after a change of schools following his diagnosis of ASD but the improvements he has shown since t... Read More »
  • Straight Forward Moving set me up with the ultimate moving experience. They gave me a great deal, ensured all my belongings arrive on time, and the... Read More »
  • The site and the service has improved (so there is more security check, and the payment processing is quicker). However, you do need to realise tha... Read More »
  • This Pregnancy/ Maternity Support and Feeding Pillow-Cream is the ultimate maternity/... Read More »
  • Dr Nader Armanious Incompetent Buffoon, engaging in Prostitution activities and more.   >> Panorama City, CA  >>  >>  :  >>  >> We are a Law Firm w... Read More »
  • Barely a week away from our high school science fair, our team was in some sort of panic as we discovered that the local store does not have the ty... Read More »
  • I found Studio-Cycles through my research looking for the perfect spin bike for my wife's Christmas present. I loved the informative videos on U-Tu... Read More »
  • Nick and his team (Mark Bourbeau for one) handled our Mortgage from Start to Finish the way that you would only hope to be serviced. We are Busines... Read More »
  • I am so impressed by their professionalism and trustworthiness, I don't even go with them anymore. I just give them a key, the address where to pic... Read More »
  • College 123 Is a ripoff to advisors. Their system and customer services sucks and do not sign there contract when you owe them an additional $1500... Read More »
  • it was a pleasure to working with you in the past 3 years The best experience ever ! Definitely Recommend Max Cash Thank again Read More »
  • This guy steals all the time he was in bankruptcy from all the money he stole from so many people and then he comes to Florida after filing bankrup... Read More »
  • Belinda did everything in her power to get my dress to me right before my wedding date. I was having a hard time finding a wedding dress and my hus... Read More »
  • I get better results from Drug Store brands. The formulation received did not cover my gray roots adequately and turned them a weird pinkish-orange... Read More »
  • We signed up with 123college end of 2015. Found their tech to be old and their service not so great. After only 2 clients which we did not help an... Read More »
  • I had a great experience with Loan Depot. I compared their rates and offers against my current banks as well as other local banks in my area. I als... Read More »
  • We own 3 busy spas and have finally found a supplier that actually helps us. They recommend products, help us get our orders placed, are super nice... Read More »
  • I received a contingent job offer based on employment and background check verification on 12/2/16. I received Hireright info 12/3/16.This included... Read More »
  • I was looking for a credible construction company for a couple months when my friend recommended Shor Construction. I met with their Project Manage... Read More »
  • I’ve been a loyal customer of SPW for almost 7 years now. I run a small internet café of 21 computers and I turn to them whenever I need replacemen... Read More »
  • Steve B at StudioCycles was great to work with: he was knowledgeable and could answer all my questions, helped me choose between bikes, helped me g... Read More »
  • I have been with Nationstar about 3 years and decided to shop for a refi. I priced out the competition (CashCall and others) and figured out what a... Read More »
  • Lori Mason then Patty Nelson and Keith McKay delivered a great VA Refinance Mortgage! Lori offered superior competitive terms, reducing my rate, lo... Read More »
  • For the most part, I had an easy experience. Most of my order came quickly. Because it is a gift for Christmas for someone else, I do not know if e... Read More »
  • I signed up for a free trial of the business compliance calendar. When I decided I didn't want to use it I used the account section of the website... Read More »
  • I have worn several of Belinda's gowns over the years in many different styles, and they are always sooo gorgeous in person! I am a thin but busty... Read More »
  • Company says 100 % warranty. Baloney! The print was bad so they said clean it 3 times. After 10 days of normal use, the print was bad again. I call... Read More »
  • They solicited us regarding mortgage refinancing with NO closing cost or any other fees. After we agreed to work with them their enthusiastic attit... Read More »
  • I have used New American for 2 home loans. The first time I bundled my 2nd mortgage in with a new 1st and six months later I re-financed as a no ca... Read More »
  • great product great price and on time!! Read More »
  • I ordered two dresses from Belinda. I asked how long it takes to make the dresses and when they would be ready. This as a customer, I expect the bu... Read More »
  • The Loan Officer School program on Test Prep. is exactly what you need to know to pass the test. I took the test three times, and I was very nervou... Read More »
  • iam asking rfor my 2000 dollars to be returned to me.santana told me to reach out to yall for my reinsbursement and are no longer using Rincon chev... Read More »
  • Great job!! Worked hard, efficient, professional and came in under their quote! These guys made our moving experience easy! Thank you Read More »
  • I buy from PA all the time and they're simply perfect. 100% secure and reliable. Highly recommended. Read More »
  • My fiance' and I found while searching for our wedding rings. The site was very simple to navigate and find what we were looking... Read More »
  • If I could give this company a -5 I would.Never could get the beginning weight and ending weight of my things. The truck I watched them carefully f... Read More »
  • From the start Regal was responsive, diligent, and professional. With a silver position, they answered my storage concerns, and IRA transfer withou... Read More »
  • I ordered a Schwinn AC performance bike through Steve. My experience was great! He set me up with a bike that meets my needs for in-home spinning. Read More »
  • Frank and his team at RC Bullion handled my asset allocation and gold investment like the pros they are. Thank you all for making this process so e... Read More »
  • I ordered and received a Vizio LED driver from The LED driver board was dead on arrival. The part was listed as used, and physicall... Read More »
  • I was called several times. I answered and requested I be removed. I received a call the next day and when I explained she hung up on me NO sorry,... Read More »
  • Ron Tippit was very helpful answering my questions before I made a gold IRA investment. Any questions he could not answer right away he found the a... Read More »
  • I recently refinanced and had the pleasure of working with Gary and Patty, two professionals. They took me step by step through the process which w... Read More »
  • I spoke with a number of brokers and lenders before settling with Sharpline Brokers and once I decided I din't have to look back. The service I rec... Read More »
  • This was the best home loan experience I have ever had. Kiley Shank came through when no other loan institutions would help out. Kiley's expertise,... Read More »
  • This was the fastest and easiest refinancing I have ever done. Gary and his team were very helpful and professional. Read More »
  • I had the distinct pleasure and opportunity to receive Todd Zelcer as my personal Loan Officer when my wife and I moved forward with our home mortg... Read More »
  • Our move could not have been smoother. The movers were above and beyond what we expected and could not do enough for us. Not one item was damaged a... Read More »
  • I have been working with Dominic Cutuli. This guy is great, he always made me feel comfortable which is very important to me. If I ever had any que... Read More »
  • AWESOME!! great product line, super low prices, very fast shipping!!!!! Read More »
  • Land Gorilla is an absolute nightmare to work with and their appraisals are inaccurate. They charged $700 and since the appraisal was inaccurate an... Read More »
  • We had an unusually long delay due to a VA Appraiser shortage in our area, but the communication and support from both Brent and Patty got us throu... Read More »
  • Very happy with the service received from Pure Logic Escrow, Lori Gouws & team were professional, detailed and fast. Read More »
  • We would like to say that we think Oak Ridge Financial is a very professional awesome company. They did a great job for us & we had a difficult si... Read More »
  • After 12 years with this company as my host of a long-standing website I discovered my web site was down and non-functioning. Immediately I contact... Read More »
  • Highly Recommend!! Working with Robert Shemin has been a great experience because he genuinely understands that different people have different lif... Read More »
  • 110% is what this company get from me for the work they did on our entire house renovation that included 3 full bathroom, kitchen and fireplace. An... Read More »
  • I want to thank Sir Don and Ms Mary for helping and guiding me throughout my review time. For letting me feel that i'm not just one of the student... Read More »
  • With the state of the economy and dire predictions for the future, I was very concerned about my retirement savings running out too soon. I decided... Read More »
  • The system is quite good and sophisticated. I bought a premium package from their website. So far so good, I would like to recommend it! Read More »
  • Advantage Gold has stood behind there word and resolved any issues I felt I had. I appreciate there response and therefore give them a 5 star ratin... Read More »
  • I have had absolutely no issues with this company. Their sales reps and staff are all friendly and knowledgeable. You guys are doing a wonderful jo... Read More »
  • Emmanuel Garcia provided me with great service in completing the refinance of my home, and he was always in contact me regarding any follow up docu... Read More »
  • I was very concerned about the Market and decided to roll my IRA into a precious metals IRA. I was a little nervous but Frank and all the people at... Read More »
  • My wife and I have been working with Joe Camacho for 5 months now and we couldn't ask for more. Joe did an amazing job cleaning up my wife's credit... Read More »
  • This class has taught me so much about how to diffuse a bad situation of anger. Thank you for providing me with the tools to work through this hard... Read More »
  • I mentioned your company to several people after our move, as we found you and your crew to be incredibly efficient and professional. We were very... Read More »
  • I've complete at least 8 mortgages or refis in my life, most VA. Alex was a smooth operator. Always gave us the status and what to expect next. His... Read More »
  • To Mr. Aspen Bryan I purchased two items in your Sept 19, 2016, auction. After a month I emailed you and you advised me the shipping department wi... Read More »
  • I really enjoyed working with Brenda Gloriani from Network Capital. She made what could have been a stressful period as easy as possible. She made... Read More »
  • Very knowledgeable and professional. More than willing to learn my goals and determine the most profitable route to them. I learned a lot of detail... Read More »
  • It was amazing to get a sheer number of entries hailing from a diverse community of creative. Seriously, it helped me and my business both. After d... Read More »
  • I am in the process of having my background check conducted by HireRight, Inc. They have lost documents (HOW CAN YOU LOSE A DOCUMENT THAT WAS UPL... Read More »
  • We just closed a refinance with the people listed above. I'm in Florida and they are in California, but it didnt matter- they were very attentive a... Read More »
  • I was more than a little hesitant after receiving a letter from USA Locators LLC telling me they had located lost funds that belonged to me. But I... Read More »
  • They were very professional answered all questions and concerns.Being my first refi I had a lot of both. Mark Rollings my loan officer did a great... Read More »
  • George Lee is a great person to help a person out with any trouble that you have in understanding, I have trouble with comprehending thing at times... Read More »
  • I have used Canyon Capital Corp to refinance both of my properties two times now. The first refinance was in December 2015 and the second refinanc... Read More »
  • I ordered the bike Sept 29th. It arrived at my house Nov 29th. I was told 15 - 30 days, it took WAY Longer. I was starting to wonder it it was a... Read More »
  • Time is money and I can't think of a more efficient way to meet the annual CE Course Requirements than in the comfort of my own office. I highly re... Read More »
  • I am grateful for the help received from Mr. Christian Howard at Regal Assets. He was well informed, professional and courteous while assisting me... Read More »
  • I signed up for Appstar in March. Machine works great and rates are lower than what I had before. No complaints so far. Read More »
  • I highly recommend working with Advantage Gold. Whenever I have questions about Gold or Silver, Charlie is the person I call. He is very knowledgab... Read More »
  • Prior to working with Mr. Thomas I did not know anything about the gold market. Mr. Thomas was very very knowledgeable and thorough in helping me n... Read More »
  • Advantage Gold was the right choice for me. My broker, Ted helped me along the entire process, which I enjoyed thoroughly compared to other compani... Read More »
  • Ted was great! Not only did he take his time in educating me on precious metals but made the process very easy for me. I appreciated his patience a... Read More »
  • I paid this company $2150 to get my timeshare out of my name over 4 years ago and no results. I've had to pay my maintenance fees for 3 of those 4... Read More »
  • I recommend this company to anyone that is a veteran. The transaction was smooth and explained to me well. I will make sure my business goes to you... Read More »
  • Nick was knowledgeable, responsive and patient. I could not have asked for a better mortgage broker. Read More »
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