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Fidelity Home Energy

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OMG we had been soooooooo mis-treated by Bank of Crap (BofA) that we were ready to just walk away from our home. Then one day we received a flyer f... Read More »

Do not deal with this company!!!! They are dishonest. They took 100,000 for me charged 40 percent commission, Terry is awful and Denise Read More »

Barb Sheele/Sunstar Heating & Aire ruined our unit. Adding fire to an already hot situation, they left a huge mess in our yard. Read More »

I called to discuss a GPS system for a fleet of vehicles and the salesman ( Steve Patane) who was very pleasant in the beginning, He explained the... Read More »

I thought the amp would have been a little better as I was replacing a Jensen too that worked, got what I paid for. I sent an email, I purchased a... Read More »

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