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  • I wanted to take the time to thank your Customer Support team and staff for coming out and doing a fast and clean job on a MESS we had with a Washe... Read More »
  • Christian Howard and all involved at Regal Assets, LLC are providing me with absolutely the best service regarding an extraordinary decisive acquis... Read More »
  • Devin our Senior Loan Officer made the process smooth and simple and with the help of our Loan Processor Ana everything went just as promised. I wo... Read More »
  • The staff at BHG were all extremely helpful and answered my many questions. The application process was efficient and the follow up timely. Thank y... Read More »
  • I am writing this review because this business began great and then took my money and woulld never return to complete the job. Left 5 messages for... Read More »
  • I went with Capital Gold Group, because they are a leader in the precious metals market, and have been helping investors diversify their long-term... Read More »
  • I want to HIGHLY RECOMMEND Kimberly Swanigan and Randy Ramos for an excellent refinance experience. Their professionalism, dedication to great cust... Read More »
  • Working with Oscar Mellado of Sharpline Brokers to refinance my home was great. I was told by a local mortgage broker that he could not find a loan... Read More »
  • Apparently they've been doing this for some time, targeting random individuals in a company or institution to send threatening letters designed to... Read More »
  • I worked with Oscar on refinancing my home. I couldn't ask for a wonderful person to work with. He was there for us and was very prompted in return... Read More »
  • Blake has been very helpful and efficient in the past 2 years that we have been booking with him. He is always very easy to reach especially when w... Read More »
  • I was bombarded by phone calls when I looked into refinancing my Sacramento home. Fortunately, I chose to work with Oscar Mellado of SharpLine Brok... Read More »
  • Was looking for a new exercise bike and the folks at Studio Cycles/Total Body Experts could not have been more helpful Steve Barzilai took my orde... Read More »
  • If you are thinking of doing DEBT CONSOLIDATION, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND NOT USING THIS COMPANY! They debit your account & get your $$$ but TRANSPARENC... Read More »
  • buying accounts is easy hell yeah I buy lots of accounts hell yeah good site hell yeah. Read More »
  • They did what seemed could not be done. Our refi was not an easy one, but they worked tirelessly for us to get it all done. Scott is always upbeat... Read More »
  • Tutors respond in a timely manner whether or not they are comfortable with your subject. My tutor knows her subject and was very helpful. Read More »
  • Lion Diamonds is best diamond wholesaler in NYC. Best place for people to buy and sell diamonds and jewelry for cash in NYC. Best price guaranteed.... Read More »
  • I was provided excellence in customer service by Mr. Ryder Ray, the account executive for Regal Assets. He was my first contact when establishing m... Read More »
  • Robert Shemin's voice speaks of sincerity, expertise, and experience. Read More »
  • Frick Photography took some amazing headshots and he is very concerned for the success of his clients. I would definitely recommend anyone to take... Read More »
  • We just closed our refi last week and have to say that was the the most efficient , easiest process we have ever experienced . Julian was fantastic... Read More »
  • My husband and I were fairly new to the world of purchasing metals and weren't sure which company to do business with. After much research, compari... Read More »
  • Despite my initial misgivings about being able to entertain other offers after making an application with the bank holding my original mortgage, Lo... Read More »
  • Christian Howard and his staff did an exceptional job of guiding me along the Gold IRA transaction completed with them. Along with help from Jannet... Read More »
  • Contracted with Scott from Wolfepack to transport 2012 Dodge Journey from California to Connecticut. Was told by Scott they ship the cars directly.... Read More »
  • First of all I want to thank David Reinholtz for speaking with my husband I personally. I am truly impressed at how this class is put together alon... Read More »
  • I have been trying to get approved for cosmetic surgery for 5 years. I couldn't get approved with anyone until United Medical Credit gave me a chan... Read More »
  • Great customer service and EXTREMELY helpful. Jorge went above and beyond to make sure that I was comfortable and well-informed with the financing... Read More »
  • Great customer service and Instructors... I think the classes need to be taken in order. Especially because I am not working in the field yet. I am... Read More »
  • I want to just thank Capital Gold Group for having such a great staff on hand. AJ walked me trough the process of transferring my stocks from one c... Read More »
  • Unable to contact customer service by mail or phone for 5 days. Canceled payment through my card service. Recommend finding another retailer. Read More »
  • We worked with Luxury Lifestyle for the first time to book a house in Natal, Brazil. It was complicated in that we had to hire a chef for a food al... Read More »
  • Completely satisfied with TRC's FAIRWAY-MAGIC – water savings&fertilizer reduction products. It is really helpful in water saving. Up to 50% of wat... Read More »
  • Adult coloring books helped me relieving my stress by doing something that i used to do long back during my school days. Never did I gave it a thou... Read More »
  • I love my breast thanks dr.hamm. Read More »
  • The guy is a total fraud! DON'T USE HIM. We have a kitchen sink clogged and called him. I asked him is the typical $65-70 charge is okay for this j... Read More »
  • this website is great, always get my items quickly and without any problems Read More »
  • Recently I just bought a basic set home security system from It works perfect for me. I like their WiFi+Cellular connection... Read More »
  • I would NEVER use purebred breeders again, They MORE than doubled the price of our pups then had the nerve to call US and ask if WE would take less... Read More »
  • I have purchased from Sonic in the past, the prices are always good as they are buying in bulk. Anytime I have had issues with anything, returns... Read More »
  • Playerauctions makes each transaction safe, and I feel comfortable buying from even the newest sellers due to their guarantees. Read More »
  • I didn't get a whole lot of money for my Kia Sorento! But what I did get was worth a whole lot more! And what I got was an car inspector name Bran... Read More »
  • Very informative and convenient. As well as offered helpful tools in my parenting success. Thank you. Read More »
  • Beware- DECEPTIVE SELLER who will not stand behind what he sells. I bought a $8000 motor and found a patched hole in the lower unit. Clearly Will... Read More »
  • I would like to recognize my loan officers, Rita Lim and Michael Zelznick! These two people worked SO hard to get me refinanced. They were very und... Read More »
  • After over 50 years in business and using several funding sources over that period of time I have many both good and bd experiences with lenders an... Read More »
  • With our holistic approach, based on the Montessori Method, your child will enjoy a tailored program of learning at Living Montessori. Because chil... Read More »
  • I've used Playerauctions for a good amount of transactions, and keep using them because they're so customer focused and deliver (although I suppose... Read More »
  • Not only was Anthony patient but he explained everything fully. He really took me by the hand and guided me through each step. He never pressured m... Read More »
  • I just closed my loan this week. Andy Espineira was the officer that helped me. His vast knowledge of the lending process was amazing. He made the... Read More »
  • Super safe to trade with other players Read More »
  • Awesome job on the refinancing of my loan with Green light loans and Nation Star. The initial projected amount after the refinancing and closing c... Read More »
  • Summit van lines is the best moving company. They helped me out so much during my last move. I was busy running errands while they meticulously pac... Read More »
  • It was my first time going through anything like this and I cant tell you how grateful I feel to have had good people to work with through it all a... Read More »
  • I have been using Exclusive Calls and am very happy with their services. They have state of the art technology that allows you to listen to every c... Read More »
  • This is my 2nd round refinancing with John and once again, regardless of annoying HOA hiccups and other roadblocks, John closed on-time. Communicat... Read More »
  • Trustworthy vendors as well as staff. Amazing customer service. Read More »
  • Legit. Got certificate by mail after a week from completing the course. I'd recommend. Read More »
  • Moss and Company is a property management company that manages properties for owners and Moss has bought a few of their own, under Chris " ratface"... Read More »
  • I have had the best experience working with Steve. He went out of his way to make sure I had a very positive experience. I have really enjoyed work... Read More »
  • I completely agree with all the reviews I've read on this site about pure logic escrow. A solid company with great people working there. I often gi... Read More »
  • My order did not come complete and am finding it very difficult to get in contact with anyone to rectify the problem , not very satisfied right now... Read More »
  • I recently had the unfortunate occasion to deal with this company after my car was damaged by a valet service for whom they handle claims. Without... Read More »
  • I've been in real estate over 30 years and Geoff Harman is one of THE BEST escrow officers I've met. He is helpful, super attentive and efficient,... Read More »
  • Been purchasing from these guys and using this site for a few years now and have never had any issue. Very safe and secure and never even worry abo... Read More »
  • They are definitely crooks. I borrowed $600 in 2011. I paid $1165 back and they were still trying to take money from my account. I complained to th... Read More »
  • It took me a while to track down why in the past few months the same card kept getting hit with fraudulent purchases. The same card gets shared aro... Read More »
  • indian jewelry mall it was amazing experience to shop here .. Read More »
  • Chris and his staff made our worries and stress over our debts, including a large sum to the IRS, disappear after our first meeting with him. If yo... Read More »
  • If there’s one thing everyone should know about TaxScout, it’s that this is a company that will find you a job you actually enjoy and want to stay... Read More »
  • Above all, what really makes Carlton so great in customer service is his patience. He’s very good at helping customers who are confused or frustrat... Read More »
  • It has been a year , My project is being handled by Thinsquare . This web development company provided me the best services. Thanks Thinsquare , yo... Read More »
  • Both of them make an awesome team.. They provided great customer service and were always available to answer my questions. They made the entire pro... Read More »
  • This was my third time refinaicing a loan with Lee, he was very ontop, patience and honest. I really appreciate the way he deals with business. I'v... Read More »
  • A first rate company. Steve Tansey led me through the process, educating me along the way. His efforts gave me a 100 point jump and a solid preappr... Read More »
  • This service corp takes 71.88 out of my checking account every month, could you please tell me how this is happening???? The bank said they can't d... Read More »
  • We had a terrible experience with The Twin Home Experts. We hired them to remodel our bathroom after the old plumbing needed to be replaced. The fo... Read More »
  • ABOVE AND BEYOND!. I currently live in South Carolina and my credit score was suffering mostly due to incorrect information on my credit report. Un... Read More »
  • I put off writing this review as long as I could because I hate to have to write a bad review and I never have until now. The puppy I rescued from... Read More »
  • ABOVE AND BEYOND!. I currently live in South Carolina and my credit score was suffering mostly due to incorrect information on my credit report. Un... Read More »
  • The BEST escrow company I have ever had the pleasure of working with! They're professional and adamant about keeping the clients supremely happy. I... Read More »
  • With the assistance of Jeff, I was able to secure my flights for a lot less than what I was finding online. I simply gave him the flight details th... Read More »
  • I highly recommend Network Capital for all your mortgage needs. Nathanial Maharenna provided outstanding customer service and I Highly recommend hi... Read More »
  • Our experience was outstanding from beginning to end. Philippe and Kristen were professional, helpful, friendly and tireless in closing three home... Read More »
  • Abner was a pleasure to deal with unlike all solicitors trying to sell me their funding...He didn't beat around the bush and told it to me straight... Read More »
  • this is a fraudulent company. It runs on legalized usary and fraud. DO NOT GIVE THEM ACCESS TO YOUR FED ID INFORMATION. Read More »
  • Running illicit credit checks without consent-test drive and they use CDL info to run reports, many times over-damaging your score so you cannot go... Read More »
  • Thanks dr.kelly i love my breast. Read More »
  • My wife and 17 year old son just had one of the worst experiences of their life. Asked to see Kia Forte 5 base model in different colors. A guy cam... Read More »
  • We had almost completed a long and painful process with another company when we were contacted by Secure One who were able to give us a much better... Read More »
  • I was laid off of my job a couple of years ago and we started falling back on our mortgage. We were two months in arrears and it was getting harder... Read More »
  • Let me tell you what I liked the most about Straight Forward Moving; it’s their reliability. From the first time I called them till the delivery wa... Read More »
  • I had an interview with Bill Messerschmidt yesterday. it went quite well. He was patient and informative. He was professional and very knowledgeabl... Read More »
  • I had a great experience working with Tom Joanis and Angela Martin on a Refi for my home. They helped me through each step of the process and were... Read More »
  • thanks soo much amazing service Read More »
  • best place to buy online Read More »
  • I was so skeptical about this at first... and who wouldn't be? Gary and Laura did an amazing job from start to finish. The communication was on poi... Read More »
  • If you like a yearly 99.00 Fee this is the company for YOU! They did a great job setting up the LLC, but billed me for a rep service. I did all th... Read More »
  • Ordered a large flower basket for a funeral and was delighted to see that it compared favorably to the other flowers at the funeral and it was a ch... Read More »
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