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  • doesn't live up to their word on the low amount of closing costs they offer at the get go of the refinancing process. I was told $575... Read More »
  • David Taylor provided me with outstanding support and guidance throughout our transaction. He was very patient and answered all my questions over a... Read More »
  • Just recently closed on a refinance and the whole process was simple and easy. The lender credit and rate was unmatched. Chris Witczak was great an... Read More »
  • Scooter and registration paperwork were delivered on schedule as specified. My emails and were answered with phone calls within a half hour. They r... Read More »
  • We had an extremely negative experience with Sunstar Heating & Aire. My wife and I expected service performed for an average cost. The work perform... Read More »
  • I hired this fake law firm called Westwood Legal and ended up losing my home. I was charged over $3600 dollars and promised the world and got nothi... Read More »
  • We have always dreamed of a nice custom wrought iron gate and white limestone columns for our driveway. Texan Fence gave us a nightmare instead. Th... Read More »
  • Thanks to Johnny Lee, I was able to refinance the way I wanted to, with the rate and loan terms I wanted. Johnny has a winning attitude that made t... Read More »
  • Received my new laptop a day earlier than expected, and I was blown away by the performance. I did unfortunately have a motherboard problem after a... Read More »
  • This is hands down the best and most stable gaming PC I've ever owned. Read More »
  • The IRS was auditing me for 2 years and was trying to force me to pay over $86,000 I didn’t actually owe and certainly didn’t have. If it weren’t f... Read More »
  • My husband and I are owner of three family house and have two boys. About a year half ago one of my tenants was unemployed and his wife was work pa... Read More »
  • I usually don't write reviews, but I have to say that Debra, in accounts payable is fantastic. Thank you for your quick and helpful response. Read More »
  • Polywood Furniture arrived quickly and proved attractive and well made. Very pleased.I recommend to anyone looking for new furniture to go here fir... Read More »
  • They have been our regular event planners since last year and their performance gets better each time. Both the quality of equipment and quality of... Read More »
  • We want to give a huge thanks to Arvin and Samiera for helping us out with our refinancing. It was done very quickly and efficiently. We were surpr... Read More »
  • Very pleased with the work TaxScout has done for our company. Unlike other recuriters, they actually get to know you so that they can find applican... Read More »
  • Jonathan Yuen and the Prime Choice Funding team did a great job! He delivered as promised -- lowest interest rate available and no mortgage payment... Read More »
  • I have just ordered my bike with Steve. He sounds like he really knows his craft and the bikes he sells. Gave me a very nice deal on a bike and a p... Read More »
  • ok guys, I was fooled and robbed by these guys as well. I have two names here that we can write and complain to the state Bar and possibly use them... Read More »
  • I lived in a tall building with no elevator. I was sure that it was going to be a huge issue for the movers from Straight Forward Moving but they d... Read More »
  • Bradley Austin Jones and his team were the best in getting my refinance loan complete. The only hiccup was from my employers end... The electronic... Read More »
  • Tiwana Deol Sandhu LLP is a full service law firm providing legal representation and advice in family and matrimonial law, business and real estate... Read More »
  • Signed up with Federal Student Loan Options 3 months ago with Ruby and I was her first client. I told her if everything went well and she can get m... Read More »
  • My contact at Noble Gold Investments was Collin Plume. He eased my concerns about doing my rollover into a Gold IRA. He is patient and understands... Read More »
  • Charles Thorngren went above and beyond to help me rollover my old IRA. Charles kept me informed every step of the way. Noble is a great company. I... Read More »
  • Kirtan Khalsa was very helpful in guiding me through the process of transferring my non precious metals IRA account into a Regal Assets Gold IRA ac... Read More »
  • I purchased a Clarion head unit from Sonic with all the recommended installation parts for a Honda CRV. Installer now says there was no adapter for... Read More »
  • Smooth, Smooth, Smooth.......I can't speak highly enough as to the absolute positive experience I encountered working with Gary McPeak & Laura duri... Read More »
  • Tess: over the last few years Tess has been great to work with, this is why I continually use her in all my refinance and finance of my home. I ha... Read More »
  • This has been the worst experience of my life with a contractor. I signed the contract with Paradise Swimming Pools & Spas on February 2nd, 2016 an... Read More »
  • Rainmakerdots gives us a best service. Read More »
  • Ivy, Tiffany and Tara are such a good team. They work hard to get you the best deal. Thank you! Read More »
  • Ralph Flores gave me an outstanding service , he was very helpful and answered all my calls at any time and explained to me all what I wanted to kn... Read More »
  • I had the pleasure of speaking to Debra in Accounts Payable when the regular girl was on vacation. She was so Pleasant, Knowledgeable and Helpful.... Read More »
  • I've been doing offers on TrialPay for Listia credits and their support tab stopped showing me the offers I had clicked on. So, I started screen sh... Read More »
  • It was a pleasure working with Ryder. There was no pressure and he made me feel comfortable with my decision to transfer some of my 403b to gold an... Read More »
  • No complaints.. fast and cheap Read More »
  • Thank you Shanti Hendricks and Capital Gold Group, in my opinion they are the best; they offer the widest selection of investment products and gold... Read More »
  • Thanks to James Chu, I was able to refinance the way I wanted to, with the rate and loan terms I wanted. James has a winning attitude that made the... Read More »
  • I had the pleasure of working with Jeff Wade at Ladera Lending, and he made the refinancing process stress free by being in constant contact with m... Read More »
  • Ryan Berry, thank you so much for all your wonderful help and patience through the process of getting me qualified for this mortgage loan, I did no... Read More »
  • I called this company to ask about a problem I am having getting my 2013 RAM Longhorn Laramie repaired. The thing wouldn't shut off!! Ended up taki... Read More »
  • Loved the concert. Paid for "meet and greet tickets." I wanted to thank Black Sabbath for 40 years of memories. I did so when we were taking person... Read More »
  • Mr. Newland was invaluable in helping me through a difficult time when my insurance company denied my claim. He was very compassionate, and helped... Read More »
  • I'm very satisfied . Was able to incorporate everything we wanted into the website ... Turbo S Studios, Inc. went above and beyond by giving us a f... Read More »
  • From the very onset, they came across professional, quick and attentive. Updated with web communication and fast response time, they handled the tr... Read More »
  • This was the worst sales experience of my life. Like many other reviewers, my experience started off great. I saw the exact make and model of the c... Read More »
  • I never expected to have to use an alarm but Security One performed as needed when the time came. A trespasser was trying to open a back door in my... Read More »
  • We appreciated the excellent customer service provided by the closing coordinator on our refinance, Mike Chung. He was always easily reachable and... Read More »
  • Back in July of this year I was 60 days away from losing my house to foreclosure. I contacted Homestead Financial and told them what was going on.... Read More »
  • I cant thank Oak RIdge Financial enough for helping with my mortgage. I desperately needed the help and they were able to assist me in keeping my h... Read More »
  • Player Auctions is the best site ever! Ive used them for years and its the only site i trust to purchase all of my gaming needs. Thanks Player Auct... Read More »
  • Although I am continuing to pursue a lawsuit with these guys as help, they have already forced my lender to cut my $3000 payment in half. My lender... Read More »
  • It was simple and easy. Really reduced my student loans. Read More »
  • I wanted to thank Gary McPeak and Laura Rosen they were great and had my loan wrapped up very fast. They were there for me when I had a question an... Read More »
  • Gary McPeak and Laura were very professional , they delivered what they promised , My interest rate was 4.75% and they were able to get my interest... Read More »
  • Thank you very much for easing the pressure of moving day. They promptly responded to all inquires and agreed on the estimate we had suggested. The... Read More »
  • We recently refinanced our home! Coastal Pacific Lending was able to answered all of our questions and made this transaction very easy. I highly re... Read More »
  • USA Locators LLC were professional, kind, and trustworthy. I recommend them without hesitation. He helped us recover funds in a timely manner. We a... Read More »
  • From when I opened my PayPal account, I have received incorrect information and terrible service, Now my account is shut down for no valid reason.... Read More »
  • Debra L 9/23/16 Thank you ! I jiust want to thank Payton Reilly and her team for a great job and alll the hard work that she did to help me and my... Read More »
  • After an extremely disappointing mediation without expectation of any help from the loan servicer we called Sanctuary FInancial Services as a last... Read More »
  • My husband & I had been struggling to make the mortgage every month for at least a year when we contacted Payton at Sanctuary Financial Services. W... Read More »
  • Payton Reilly and the rest of the Sanctuary Financial Services team were incredible. They did exactly what they said they would do within the time... Read More »
  • We officially opened our doors one week ago & it has been NONSTOP FUN ever since!! Having classes filled with so many AWESOME First Day Friends thr... Read More »
  • We officially opened our doors one week ago & it has been NONSTOP FUN ever since!! Having classes filled with so many AWESOME First Day Friends thr... Read More »
  • My wife and I have had some hardships for the past few years. It began in 2011 when I was involved in a work related injury. During this time I was... Read More »
  • When I contacted Sanctuary Financial Services I was already skeptical of these types of companies..... only because I was taking advantage of by a... Read More »
  • I am happy i decided to purchase from Mr. Horn and Capital Gold Group . It was refreshing to work with a guy who really knows his stuff and underst... Read More »
  • Both Jonathan Nguyen and Beatriz Camponovo worked very hard to get this re-fi VA loan together in such a short amount of time. We were amazed and i... Read More »
  • Quality product great customer service. From my first contact the staff was knowledgeable and friendly. They answered all my questions patiently an... Read More »
  • Payton is THE BEST!! I was laid off of my job a couple of years ago and we started falling back on our mortgage. We were 6 months in arrears and it... Read More »
  • I worked with Steve through the approximately 3 week buying process. I did a lot of research and finally decided that I wanted a Schwinn AC Perform... Read More »
  • Everything from this store is flawless the prices,deals,coupons,customer service and quick response to all my doubts.Will be my first option when b... Read More »
  • Thank you Johnny Hotoyan for your excellent services. Getting deal done. It is great to work with you in the past two year. I am definietly refer J... Read More »
  • My metals arrived at the depository in 3 days, just as promised. They told me they have the quickest shipping for IRA accounts and it's true. I wou... Read More »
  • I want to thank Gary McPeak and the loan processor Laura for an outstanding job securing my loan. I would recommend them to my family and friends s... Read More »
  • I just finished working with Homestead Financial Services and all I can say is they are a great bunch of people. Not only did they save my home, bu... Read More »
  • Advantage Gold meets the highest standards. My dealings were with Mr. Mathew'Ayabarreno. He has a pleasant personality and takes ample time to expl... Read More »
  • Pacific Associates Corporation is a great company and they are super easy to work with, they get the job Done! they helped us reduce our debt and g... Read More »
  • We have had Flashbyte for almost 2 years. After a few months getting used to this type of Service since we moved from where we hade Charter Communi... Read More »
  • The reason for voting this company is that I found their services very affordable. I have worked with them many time and every time they delivered... Read More »
  • Brilliant Futures LLC., has been amazingly helpful to my son who has ADHD. It feels great to have a plan put in place by experts. I regularly get d... Read More »
  • I highly recommend Brilliant Futures LLC., to any parent whose child is autistic or has developmental disabilities. Having received a excellent hel... Read More »
  • Im posting this review for my grandma, Charlotte Kearney. She's a bit behind with tech, but She had such an easy experience refinancing her home, s... Read More »
  • This is the 3rd time i refinance with Sharpline Brokers and Rey Reyes and i can honestly say that they never let me down. My loan always closes an... Read More »
  • I would like to thank my loan officer Rick Guthridge and Closer Kelly Hong for all the work in expediting my loan refi ..great communication and ve... Read More »
  • This is the e-auction site for many popular computer games. Multiple sellers can post currency, accounts, power-leveling, etc. As the buyer, you ca... Read More »
  • Jewelry by Novel does what they say and they will do it when they say they will do it. Edwin is a really hard working man and will do anything to k... Read More »
  • I want to thank my load officer and processor, Roger Ramillon and Khalilah Fountaine. The refinance went so smoothly and quickly. Roger was very h... Read More »
  • We just completed our home refinance and worked with loan processors Mark Snow and Beatriz Camponovo. Both Mark and Beatriz were very friendly and... Read More »
  • Please contact Lazell Tolbert, he is the absolute best. I'm so glad that I finally decided to answer the phone!! :)) Mr. Gilbert explained everythi... Read More »
  • I had the previlage of working with Mr.Ray as I moved my IRA into metals.He made me comfortable as I did this transition. I was skeptical since I h... Read More »
  • I receive about 10 refinance offers a week so I decided to really shop around this time. I talked to a ton of loan officers, in the end Dave Panno... Read More »
  • Jonathan Yuen, Chrystal Mayhugh and Prime Choice Funding did a wonderful job helping me refi my home. The process was easy and Jonathan's communica... Read More »
  • Scott Gronsky, and Amy Taylor were absolutely fantastic throughout the entire loan process. Got a great Rate was serviced promptly and totally prof... Read More »
  • Do not hire! Complete nightmare post hiring! Biggest mistake of our lives! This company does not deserve any stars! Was nice at hiring, then became... Read More »
  • Never have I received such attention and great service from a travel agent. Jason was ready and willing to assist at every turn of my trip. Thank y... Read More »
  • Me and my wife planned to get a complete kitchen remodel as well open it up a little bit. We had a galley kitchen that just felt too small, my wife... Read More »
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