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  • I recently rolled over part of my IRA account to physical gold and silver. Mr. Christian Howard as well as the other team members that worked with... Read More »
  • A huge thanks to the Bloom Law Group from preventing my home from being foreclosed. The banks have zero mercy; my family was about to be on the str... Read More »
  • If you want to sell virtual stuff, Playerauctions is your home. Read More »
  • Professionalism and reliability + Perfection = Wedding Photographer New York Words ordinarily are not enough to express ways absolutely amazing. Fr... Read More »
  • 1 word. FANTASTIC! LIZA is definitely an extremely talented photographer. Really innovative and fun. She was on time for our appointments and staye... Read More »
  • I discovered "Wedding Photographer New York" from Brooklyn in NY, and chose to give her a fast call. It was extremely friendly and I finished up ch... Read More »
  • I made an appointment with Mike Diamond. They sent me 2 plumbers from George Brazil, their "sister company". Bate and switch? The technician was lo... Read More »
  • I made an appointment with Mike Diamond. They sent me 2 plumbers from George Brazil, their "sister company". Bate and switch? The technician was lo... Read More »
  • Rey Reyes was awesome he made the refinance process smooth and flawless. He is truely an asset to Sharp line Brokers. Edward Charles McCaneIII Read More »
  • Matt Morris was on top of everything and made the process so easy. He handled every detail and answered all of our questions right away - no matter... Read More »
  • this company is horrible. There are no experts to speak with. They offered me a ridiculously low price. Don't waste your time. Complete crooks. I h... Read More »
  • I want to start by thanking the Team at Network Capital Funding! They just helped us with the purchase of our dream home. They made what is usually... Read More »
  • I wanted to move a portion of my IRA into gold so I contacted Noble to see if this could be done. I wanted to start with a small amount of money an... Read More »
  • I knew that I wanted to get into gold and silver, but I was not sure how to do it. In my work I don't receive a 401k or IRA. I was told that I can... Read More »
  • Be careful here. They advertise teaser rates, which are really good. However, when you are in the loan process something will go wrong, and they wi... Read More »
  • Do not, I repeat, do not do business with these people. They lied about having a valid license. Their installation of a sprinkler control box would... Read More »
  • Augusta is a great company to work with, and I'm glad to know them. I am impressed with the way they go above and beyond to make sure their custome... Read More »
  • I applied online for a personal loan and within 20 minutes I received a call from Sean. He is professional, knowledgeable and truly cares about his... Read More »
  • Before I decided to use South Coast Tax Resolutions I shopped around and did my homework. Once I read the reviews and testimonies about the service... Read More »
  • The fact that the Bloom Law Group exists is truly a blessing! Unfortunately, unless you have very special circumstances, you are basically forced i... Read More »
  • I came to South Coast because our accountant made a huge mistake and never really had our best interested at heart. After an audit from the IRS and... Read More »
  • Myles Rowe and Sithnarth Gnao of Nationstar Mortgage LLC & Greenlight Loans recently worked with me on my refinance. Incredibly personable and prof... Read More »
  • Nothing positive . Terrible company with rude and foul employees. Bank of America sold our mortgage to Carrington mortgage services and never recei... Read More »
  • I don't think there's another precious metals company out there that works as hard to be ethical, and that's why I like working with Augusta. They... Read More »
  • ILKB Franklin is such a great workout! As someone who hasn’t worked out in over 10 years, I was genuinely worried that I would crash and burn and n... Read More »
  • American Risk Insurance is the one I use, and my whole family uses them. We can’t get a better deal anywhere else. Read More »
  • They treat my business as their own and did excellent work also I asked ORS to redo my website, design new landing pages and manage e-marketing for... Read More »
  • After nearly financially losing everything and struggling to get by, an act of god was at call in order to get out of this nightmare. I am truly bl... Read More »
  • Michael Tang was one of the most professional and knowledgeable loan officers I've ever worked with. I was hesitant at first due to our past experi... Read More »
  • Dave Freeman 1(858)752-6043 '' Dave you were so very helpful'' you took a lot of stress away from me you made sure we understood the process. I am... Read More »
  • Andrew gave me a call and walked me through the process of rolling over my IRA into precious metals. There was some stuff that I didn't know but it... Read More »
  • They got it right the first try. Perfect fit. Cannot tell new from old. Read More »
  • We just completed a refinance of our home mortgage with Unity West Lending. Jeremy Hardy was our loan officer. Even though we have been through the... Read More »
  • I got a letter in the mail saying I was going to be foreclosed! Do not listen to what it says! Companies such as Ocwen are just there to milk out m... Read More »
  • If you are from a small business do not let these scam artists take your money, they do nothing to help and continue to make money from people just... Read More »
  • They don't do anything for you besides take your money. customer service is a joke, do not let karen talk you into this. Read More »
  • Joe was such a big help with our credit repair. He explained everything step by step. Answered any questions we had. He is very honest and tells yo... Read More »
  • I was quickly on my way to being evicted out of my home with medical bills piling up and unemployment not nearly covering my monthly expenses. But... Read More »
  • We where very very happy with the work and the team that worked at my house was very professional and clean every day. They replaced a lot of the d... Read More »
  • I've never had so much fun exercising...the workouts are intense but so worth it. The instructors really know how to motivate and the fellowship is... Read More »
  • I am confused about the 30.00 which was deducted from my credit card? Read More »
  • Locked my keys in my car they came quickly much faster than the original quoted time and got the job done fast. Jack was amazing curious, professio... Read More »
  • We were at the Hospital on March 1, 2017. My Brother got a bacterial infection in his stomach due to a twisted bowel obstruction. Unfortunately my... Read More »
  • This was my first time investing in precious metals en masse. I had a lot of questions. Nick Giordano took the time to address my questions and wal... Read More »
  • I had a very hard loan to complete. My loan officers worked day and night to make my loan work and get me an amazing interest rate. They always cal... Read More »
  • Jennifer Dam and Michelle Avina of Greenlight loans provided me with the greatest refinancing experience I have had. The whole process was characte... Read More »
  • ***Pros (which outweigh cons)*** Steve is very helpful in selecting what you need. Bike is packaged on a pallet and came in great condition. Bike w... Read More »
  • I am so thankful that a company like the Bloom Law Group exists! They helped me in negotiating my mortgage terms with Ocwen when I was buying my fi... Read More »
  • This transaction was truly a wonderful experience. Steve was so helpful and professional and he took the time to give us information vital to our u... Read More »
  • Ben was completely professional and always available any time we had questions. his contact with us was better than we could have hoped and we woul... Read More »
  • AverickMedia provides a simple and efficient way to get valuable mailing lists for bringing in new customers. Data is also very up-to-date, accurat... Read More »
  • The only reason I am dealing with this is I agreed to try out their product - which they sent an invoice for (before confirming with me via phone i... Read More »
  • Notified us of money wouldn't have known about. Thought it was a scam but faxed contract and ask for nothing up front. Took state long time to resp... Read More »
  • Jacob was great to work with. He listened to my questions, answered them professionally, helped me resolve any complications I ran into, gave me ad... Read More »
  • I purchased one of their $3500 synthesizers 3 months ago. After a short time (within 30 days) one of its oscillators went silent. As their policy s... Read More »
  • We moved into a new home with a pool (yay!) in Orange County, CA, however, the next day we noticed the water level had dropped over 6 inches after... Read More »
  • 1. I ordered a $3000 PC from them 2. The machine was not built to specifications 3. When I contacted their "award winning" 24x7 support, I could no... Read More »
  • Initially my lender Wells Fargo told me "You have no other options, You'll be facing foreclosure". I was convinced that I would never crawl out of... Read More »
  • I am very impressed with the services of Mr. Frank Ortiz , Bob Lin and Keith Mckay for their kind and helpful assistance in a speedy services they... Read More »
  • Debra is a very nice lady. she is helpful when i have problems with my bank account payments Read More »
  • This was one of the best refinances I have ever had. Jason and Lekeshia did a fantastic job. Michael R. in Milwaukee Read More »
  • These gentlemen Jorge Gonzalez/Dan Miller from Greenlight Loans/Nationstar Mortgage did a phenomenal job with the success of my home refinancing. J... Read More »
  • Just like the title says, such a seemingly effortless process. Bloom literally took care of everything from start to finish saving my house from fo... Read More »
  • He was absolutely amazing to work with, beyond helpful and informative and really got us out of a bind with our previous lender. He provided us wit... Read More »
  • Stated good health, had worms, stated had been wormed. Said was neutered but when delivered told he had not been neutered and would refund 50. Doll... Read More »
  • Air1 helped us pack up our 3 bedroom condo and moved us into our new home.  I couldn’t believe how they managed to pack the entire house up in just... Read More »
  • I chatted briefly with Noble on their website and decided to follow up with a phone call to discuss metals for delivery to my home. I spoke with Be... Read More »
  • in January ordered 8 shirts to be printed on front and back. Received shirts with all printed on front and only 2 on back. After writing and compla... Read More »
  • The team and it's members were fast and efficient. Always friendly when dealing with me on the phone. Thank you for all of your help. Read More »
  • These people are fantastic, they got me refinanced saving me thousands every month. I am self-employed with a complicated tax and income situations... Read More »
  • Six months ago I tried to re-fi my house with the current mortgage holder, a national bank. Three months later it was still not done. Then I tried... Read More »
  • All I needed was the hand crank and core for a cantilever umbrella and had to spend $205 and wait 5 months. After having it for 6 months the plasti... Read More »
  • Horrible School!!!! they doe not respond to your phone or email. David is worse. I have to send email 5 times may be they respond with attitude. I... Read More »
  • My experience with Network Capital in refinancing our home was a very pleasant experience; especially my contact Daniel Lorenzen. He helped me thro... Read More »
  • This is NOT a legal business. I booked on-line with my credit cards and got confirmation email. then next day they sent me a cancelation email stat... Read More »
  • I went to Defense Tax Group with 5 years of unfiled taxes, notices from the IRS and a sizable misunderstanding with the IRS about what my actual ta... Read More »
  • I can't believe how great the Bloom Law Group has been. I was suffering from massive financial trouble, and the legal issues Wells Fargo was underg... Read More »
  • They worked speddily when we eventually got our keys and we were unloaded within an hour and a half. Would very highly reccomend. Read More »
  • We have USInterlink for almost 20 years, we have always received solid intel from them. Neve had a problem with their data or employees. Read More »
  • ORS well monitoring my online reputation management, social media, and public relations strategy. Now I'm winning new business although targeting c... Read More »
  • I was really pleased with their attendance to my case. I had already purchased a watch winder but I needed some details added to it. So I contacted... Read More »
  • It was my first time to order a custom made watch winder. I am not so good at choosing so I went to their online store and contacted them to inquir... Read More »
  • Looking for Portland Oregon Plumbers? Then visit Plumbing Portland Serv, with a team of experts having years of hands on experience, we are one of... Read More »
  • They delivered the custom watchbox just like I had pre-ordered. They also made sure to call for a follow up if I received the watch winder. Great c... Read More »
  • Delivered promptly - products always came on time and well packed. Good service keep it up. Read More »
  • I found Pacific Prestige through a friend, and I’m so glad I did. They are the best agency out there! Read More »
  • So we decided it was time to replace our aging ski machine with an indoor cycle/exercise bike. I went the usual route, searching for reviews, using... Read More »
  • After working with them for a long time I would never work with anyone else; they’re so helpful and professional! Read More »
  • He did a very excellent job, thorough in every detail. I will definitely be coming to him again! Read More »
  • Excellent Customer Service from start to finish with Dennis & Scott. This Loan Depot Team is Great!!! Thank You! Read More »
  • The staff is friendly, upbeat, encouraging, and positive. I went from dreading being active to looking forward to my workouts! I could not recommen... Read More »
  • We did a refinance of our primary home and the process was easy. We had some miss communication during the final process that was quickly addressed... Read More »
  • I was very excited to start kickboxing at Richmond Hill, especially since the facility was so spacious and clean. I've done several classes of kick... Read More »
  • This company is a scam do not buy anything from them I ordered something three weeks ago they got their money and never sent me my items I text the... Read More »
  • Stephen Chiu did an excellent job in helping achieve my needs. He did everything possible to get me a low rate and lowest fees. I couldn't ask for... Read More »
  • I had one basic question that required an answer due to an unexpected loss of my wife’s income, I did not make enough to get by without destroying... Read More »
  • The company was extremely professional in deaLing with my case. My contact assisted me with all aspects through completion. I am a very satisfied c... Read More »
  • Quick, easy, timely process with helpful staff. We're very satisfied with Averickmedia team. They always offer quick service and standard data. I w... Read More »
  • These guys are super cool and they got my boyfriend out of jail in under 12 hours. Definitely recommend Didnt do it1 Read More »
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