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Review Posted 3/12/2014
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I’m submitting this non-solicited review of Platinum Tax Defenders today on 2.27.2104. Actually in the interest of full disclosure, I wrote this on 2.27.14, and am submitting it in early March 2104. I had to look for some documentation so nothing here
was inaccurate or incomplete, hence the delay in submitting it. I want to talk about Platinum Tax Defenders at length because they have been a savior in our family’s lives this past couple of years. If you want just the quick nuts and bolts: IRS bill in excess
of $250,000… Settled for $3,754… I would encourage you however, to take the time to read this entire review…because it’s all important and pertinent when it comes to these types of cases. I’m not going to be the guy that takes two minutes to write a quick
incomplete review, with no real content or helpful information. And I’m putting my contact information at the end of this review, because if my words are to become public, I’ll make damn sure I have the documentation to back them up… So feel free to contact
me personally to talk about anything I’ve written here…. I’m not one of those idiot internet bashers or tough guys that write a bunch of total BS, just because they know they’re “safe” from anyone actually disputing what they wrote….good or bad… What I am,
is a good guy, probably a lot like yourself…, who was in business with his son, and we lost our business, our income, and now I’m in failing health, and struggling to afford gas money for my tank, and food money to eat…., much less trying to deal with the
IRS, or find a way to pay them a fortune that we don’t have… I intend for this to be very detailed, because people who are considering doing Offer in Compromises with the IRS, need to understand the process, and also the timelines and time-frames involved
with these deals… Many people are led to believe by other companies who claim to be “experts” in the field of IRS negotiations, are taken advantage of by unscrupulous businesses who are only in this business to turn a profit….., regardless of the outcome for
the individuals they claim to be helping. How do I know this? My son and I both have huge IRS bills that have pretty much ruined our lives for the past several years. You will see from this review, that my son and I are still very attached business-wise and
personally, and for in this review, I am reviewing my son’s case which is now accepted and complete. I had a different company attempt to do Offer in Compromise for both myself, and my son’s cases, and paid them thousands of dollars to try to get the offers
accepted, and in the end, we were in worse shape financially than before, and had no accepted deal for either myself or my son… Then I found Platinum Tax Defenders. Actually, I was referred to them by a very reputable CPA firm, who took an interest in our
cases. I was immediately contacted by not only the attorney on staff for Platinum Tax, but also the owner of the company. I have to include here, that the owner is one of the most kind, and gracious, and compassionate people I have ever had the honor of knowing
or doing business with… Thank you Sherri, we are so incredibly grateful to have and your company helping us… They went out of their way to educate me on the process, and to stress to me that this was not an overnight fix. They made sure I knew that all Offers
in Compromise take time. How much time? Well, let’s give you a timeline for my son’s case: In late 2012, we contracted with Platinum Tax to represent my son’s case with the IRS, and they immediately put together the paperwork and documentation for his case.
We were fortunate in that our previous attempt had educated us, and also prepared us to provide to Platinum, the documentation they needed to build his case. Initial documentation and application were submitted only after they contacted IRS to make sure they
had everything needed or required by IRS for his specific case. “Oh my, what a surprise, someone who was representing me us, actually took the initiative to make contact and actually “represent”…” Ok, so details with my son’s case, which is finished and accepted,
and my ongoing case, will be different from yours…. Timelines for each case may be different as well… In my son’s case, there was contact between Platinum, representing me, and the IRS, numerous times, and each time, they would immediately contact us to inform
us what was happening, what was needed, etc…, to move the case along. Now I want to disclose that we’d get a small surprise from the IRS every once in a while, trying to be difficult with our case, but in each and every instance, Platinum Tax Defenders went
to bat for us, and negotiated terms, and got the case moving again in forward direction. So let’s flash forward to the latter part of 2013. In September of 2013, the IRS finally sent Platinum, and us, a letter stating they were going to agree to accept the
offer in compromise, if my son agreed to send them an additional $2754, which along with the $1000 we sent them with the initial offer application, totals $3754. Again, his bill was over $250,000. He couldn’t sign the final letter of agreement fast enough,
and sent $500 as down payment on the additional $2754 they were seeking to collect. I tell you these figures because it was tough for us to raise that money, and we were able to not spend any money for the past 2 years, and scrape it together by extreme discipline
and diligence…. So be prepared! You’ll need to do it right to make your own Offer in Compromise work. And of course, the IRS then took five months to respond to our agreement and finally send us a letter stating the Offer in Compromise was now officially accepted.
It is a long, ponderous journey to deal with them, but it is over now for my son, and he can move on with his life… So now let’s talk about cost to Platinum. Yes, that $3754 was only to the IRS. Platinum Tax Defenders is a real business and actually has real
employees… An entire staff that has to be paid… They have an attorney on staff, who is incredibly competent, efficient, intelligent, think out of the box while remaining ethical, type genius. Anybody know how much you have to pay to have a guy like that in
your corner? Representing you all the way…. Knowing what to say, how to say it, and being super tenacious about staying on top of your case?… Yup, it’s expensive. But you tell me something….or just go ahead and look yourself in the mirror (because my son and
I did), and ask yourself this: Do I want to get this problem solved, resolved and fixed, so I can move on with my life??? Or do I want to continue letting the IRS ruin my life, and make it the living hell that has gone on year after year…? What is it worth
to me to live a normal life without the IRS putting levy and liens on everything I own? What is it worth to me to finally be able know I have a future to build again? With hopes and dreams… We paid Platinum Tax Defenders approximately $7000 to do all of this
for my son… You tell me if you think it’s worth it, after you pay them and they get your case accepted… We all know you get what you pay for in life…. Companies or individuals that don’t charge much for their services are pretty much always selling you services
that aren’t worth much or even anything. I found that out the hard way, and wasted more than 3 years with other companies… How much do you think that cost our family, wasting all those precious years and money, and hassle…with no results at the end??? For
me….for us…? Platinum…? Total bargain… A quarter of a million (plus) IRS bill went away for just over $10,000. I know what Platinum’s services were worth to our family… You can decide what you want to do… Go ahead, hire the amateurs! Blow your money on scrubs,
or con artists, or idiots after reading this… Or get a clue, and hire the professionals, and make the problem go away and fix your life… Don’t think it’s going to go away in 3 weeks or even 3 months either! The IRS takes their sweet time. They delay, delay,
delay, and push back sometimes. They treat you like you’re a slave to them and make you feel like it’s never going to end… We are so incredibly thankful and grateful that we hired Platinum Tax Defenders to save us… Without them, we were just dead in the water.
Lives ruined, shattered dreams… My case? It’s ongoing. I filed mine a year after my son’s case, and my son’s case took about 16 months to be completed and accepted by the IRS. Again, don’t think this is a quick fix… I expect to wait another six months or more
before we hear anything from IRS, and it’s hard to hang on for so long waiting. My bill is larger than my son’s, and we are happily paying Platinum to represent me and save my life… Even though it’s killing us to pay the bill, we know it’s worth it because
we’ve seen them succeed… I expect results, but I know it will take time. I saw it happen for my son… I know it will happen for me as well, and I’ll be patient and keep the faith until it does… Then you’ll see another review here from me about Platinum Tax
Defenders. Don’t hesitate to contact me at any time regarding all I’ve said here. is my email, and I’ll provide my phone number should you request it in an email to me. I’ll be happy to talk to you and show you proof of all I’ve said here
in this review… I don’t deal in Bullsh…..t. Our lives are immeasurably better by my son’s successful experience with Platinum, and my ongoing representation by Platinum with my own case…. Thank you Sherri, and Dustin, and Nicole, and all the others who have
given my son his life back… And bless you all for helping me get mine back in the near future as well… Posted and attested to by Eric von…. On March 12, 2014.
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