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For the past two decades as the pioneer and leading authority in the labor law poster field, Personnel Concepts has served more than 1.2 million customers in the labor law compliance and human resource industry.  
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Customer Reviews, Ratings & Complaints
Complaint Posted 3/19/2015
Deborah A.
Horrible. Had crooks deal with me like this in 2007. We were receiving mail and more mail for quite some time, so I decided to order the $10. minimum unlaminated poster from them. Couple of days after, they contacted my business partner and tried... Read More »
Complaint Posted 9/11/2014
gary k.
0 Stars
I'm not going to say much, because you can just read the rest of these bad reviews. I just wanted to make sure their star rating was lowered by my review. Thats how terrible they are!!!!! CROOKS and BULLIES!! Read More »
Complaint Posted 5/10/2013
Carmen G.
Never Again...
In all my years as office manager and Restaurant Manager, I have never, EVER, EVER dealt with a company as sleazy as this one. The initial order was okay. All I wanted was a cheap update to our outdated labor law poster. We get advertisements in t... Read More »
Complaint Posted 4/25/2013
Jamie S.
Similar Experience 2013
I purchased the basic poster package State/Fed combo. As many others have said, I received a call a few days later stating I NEED additional posters to be compliant (with added scare tactics). I went on maternity leave and came back and ordered th... Read More »
Complaint Posted 2/8/2013
Jonathan D.
Deceptive business practices
They send notices designed to look like they are from an official government agency when in fact they are just a low life business trying to scam a few bucks off you. And then when they do get a little bit of your money they stalk you for months o... Read More »
Complaint Posted 6/8/2012
Cindi B.
Like a Plague: Constant monthly calls and mailings
My experience is the same as all the others. I ordered the poster for our church office. I also have the info poster from the Dept of Revenue for our State. I am forever getting mailings and phone calls, telling me I don't have all the posters I n... Read More »
Complaint Posted 12/20/2011
Amber J.
Do Not Use This Company
This company is horrible to deal with.
There are the endless emails, letters and phone calls to start with. Every person I spoke with on every level were extremely rude.
I spoke with someone to take me off their list and not send anything to me.... Read More »
Complaint Posted 12/6/2011
angela c.
Review 12/6/2011
Why is the lowest rating on here 1 star? They don't deserve even a portion of a star. Do not use this company to obtain or even shop around for labor compliance posters. I will be reporting them to my State's Attorney's office. They are nothing bu... Read More »
Complaint Posted 10/13/2011
Mrs. Tiff
Review 10/13/2011

Personnel Concepts is a complete nightmare of a company. We constantly receive letters from them the look quite similar to documents and materials sent by the IRS. This company uses intimidation tactics in addition to misleadin... Read More »
Complaint Posted 6/2/2011
John G.
Review 6/2/2011
This company is horrible! If you are considering doing business with them ... RUN AWAY!

They sent me an UNSOLICITED package of posters. From what I can determine, this was done because the prior owner of my business purchased something from the... Read More »
Complaint Posted 5/26/2011
J S.
Review 5/26/2011
This Company is a complete disgrace to honest hard working Americans out there. I feel the same way as others do on the Rip Off Report about this company and their tactics. The employee signs are FREE FROM THE GOVERNMENT. I know because I called... Read More »
Complaint Posted 4/7/2011
Dawn L.
Review 4/7/2011
Personnel Concepts is a company profiting on pure lies. They use scare tactics and lies to sell their posters. They tell people that they need additional posters such as the HIPPA and IRS notices that are not required just to get extra money from... Read More »
Complaint Posted 4/6/2011
Dwight L.
Review 4/6/2011
I have been a PC customer for several years now. The price keeps going up. This year the sales guy called for a renewal. The price was about $160. I questioned him and he assured me that I needed everything. When the order arrived I opened the tub... Read More »
Complaint Posted 3/15/2011
Mark S.
Review 3/15/2011
For anyone who has not dealt with this company, there's only a couple things you need to know:
1. This company attracts customers by undercutting everyone else on their basic poster, but then uses multiple techniques for "selling up" so that you... Read More »
Complaint Posted 3/10/2011
Daryl C.
Review 3/10/2011
I wish I would have read the other reviews before dealing with this company. I fully agree with all of them. I took over as manager of a non-profit organization after our previous manager died. We received a letter addressed to the prior manager "... Read More »
Complaint Posted 2/18/2011
Justa C.
Review 2/18/2011
Sent them a check in October. Never received product. February, sent another invoice for the same product we never ordered.

They claim that "Jane" cancelled the order. She did not, she ordered it.
Credit sat for over four months.

I called... Read More »
Complaint Posted 1/6/2011
Jessica A.
Review 1/6/2011
My experiences have been similar to others. The customer service is not impolite, but ineffective. I asked to be removed from the mailing list last month (after I made an attempt to be removed online) and I’m still receiving mailings from their co... Read More »
Complaint Posted 1/4/2011
Jeni W.
Review 1/4/2011
This company has called my office at least 20 times in 3 months! Harassing phone calls. Threatening me with fines if I don't renew with them. Sending me bills for items we don't want. I have repeatedly asked them to stop calling and they aren't he... Read More »
Complaint Posted 6/13/2010
Scott B.
Review 6/13/2010
We received a letter in the mail that looked strikingly similar to documents and materials sent by the IRS. They even used the numbers 2010 in a very similar manner as the IRS does when referencing the 1040 year. The mail piece cited quite a few f... Read More »
Review Posted 3/5/2010
Ben D.
Review 3/5/2010
Personnel Concepts is probably one of the WORST company's in all of America and the should be exploited. They treat their employees horribly and they rip off business owners for labor law posters that are Outrageously priced. They are deceptive in... Read More »
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