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Customer Reviews & Ratings
Posted 5/1/2013

Celia R.
My Parents recently filled an insurance claim for storm damage to our house everything was approved they received a check and everything was going right we were finally going to get our new roof. Only thing was that the insurance check was under b... Read More »
Posted 1/25/2013

Rosa R.
Carrington Mortgage Services, LLC
Having my Loan bought by Carrington Mortgage was the best thing that could have happened to me. After over two years of trying with Citi to get an approval on a HAMP Modification and sending the paperwork again and again nothing was ever approved... Read More »
Posted 11/15/2012

Stephanie H.
Carrington Is Horrible
This company is HORRIBLE...they purchased our loan from First Franklin and at first we thought they were really for us..well they suggested that our interest rate was to high so they wanted to lower it that was great so we thought but they did not... Read More »
Posted 7/25/2012

Rora Munoz
Thank you
Carrington Mortgage Services suprisingly was able to closed my loan and got me my first investment property! I lost hope when i was denied by my first lender due to high debt ratio supposedly. Then my sister referred to Brian Tran who closed her r... Read More »
Posted 7/23/2012

cong t.
Greedy company
Due to USPS bad service the check payment was sent on June 6, 2012 but reached their office on June 19. Despite my calls and explanations they still slapped me with late fee of $79.95. From one stupid supervisor to next as stupid as the first , ke... Read More »
Posted 3/29/2012

Enid C.
Don't do business with them
Horrible mortgage company. They bought my mortgage from another company and I have had nothing but issues with them. I get treated horribly everytime I speak to a customer service rep. I have had charges added to my account and nobody can expla... Read More »
Posted 3/22/2012

Marco P.
Carrington Mortgage owns Atlantic and Pacific Realty and they both are TERRIBLE!!!!
If you can steer clear of these incompetent boobs that have no clue about how to be proficient in Real Estate and Mortgages, HEED THIS WARNING. They will only return your emails and phone calls WHEN THEY WANT TO They will keep you waiting until... Read More »
Posted 1/30/2012

Great rate with low quality of service
Every one know what is signature mean, but the company's employee did not know. They do provide very good rate, but their employee's quality is too low. This company needs to have a seminar to train their employee “what is signature?” Because t... Read More »
Posted 1/4/2012

Francie L.
Horrible experience
Our experience with Carrington was the most horrific experience we've ever had in buying a house. I must say this was one of the worst loan processing fiasco's I have been involved with having purchased 5 homes previously. It was an insult to us... Read More »
Posted 11/14/2011

Off R.
Review 11/14/2011
CMS is a subsidiary of Carrington Financial, a holding company based out of Connecticut. We are in the process of purchasing a home through CMS and it has been more than six months. Our loan processor keeps requesting the same documents over and o... Read More »
Posted 11/9/2011

Paul J Z.
Review 11/9/2011
Carrington did a loan modification without my signature. I am the borrower my ex wife is the co borrower. Also the notary who they said notorized the documents did not.
Posted 10/27/2011

Brian C.
Review 10/27/2011
I worked with Nita Panda at Carrington Mortgage on refinancing my adjustable loan. Nita went above and beyond what anyone has ever done for me and the end result was I was able to lower my mortgage payment from 1,755 to 1,403 including taxes and i... Read More »
Posted 10/20/2011

Regina C.
Review 10/20/2011
I had the very best experience with my specialist Nita Prada, who not only walked me through the entire process, but ensured that during my refinance that I was given the best rate. I wish that there were more people like her in the world.
Posted 10/18/2011

Angie S.
Review 10/18/2011
I just closed escrow on my dream home with Jose Soto at my loan officer. He was such a pleasure to work with. I am a Realtor with Remax and have worked many transactions with different lenders and mortgage companies. When it came to purchasing ... Read More »
Posted 8/11/2011

Scott B.
Review 8/11/2011
I had an ARM mortgage with Carrington Mortgage (CMS) and inquired about refinancing at a fixed rate. With the number of Government programs available CMS suggested I try a refinance. We were making our payments but it was becoming more difficult... Read More »
Posted 7/1/2011

Diane S.
Review 7/1/2011
I just refinanced my mortgage from Carrington. It was the easiest thing I have ever done. Jason Farris was courteous, honest, patient and made everything easy from start to finish! I reccommend Carrington and Jason.
Posted 6/30/2011

Nicole I.
Review 6/30/2011
I have to say my experience with Carrington Mortgage was absolutely refreshing considering the 4 months I spent prior, getting the run-around from company to company only to find that no one could help me. I was "upside-down" in my mortgage at tha... Read More »
Posted 6/30/2011

Cathy S.
Review 6/30/2011
Carrington Mortgage Services helped reduce both our principal balance on our loan as well as our interest rate. I contacted them for a loan modification to reduce my interest rate and see what other help I could be afforded due to the drastic red... Read More »
Posted 6/29/2011

Jodie Z.
Review 6/29/2011
OMG Carrington Mortgage ruined my life we got behind on our payments,my husband lost his job in construction no work available. We also have a child with a disability.We talked with Carrington immediaetly they told us they would put missed payment... Read More »
Posted 6/23/2011

Review 6/23/2011
I agree with Michael S. I am also former military using my VA loan. During the process of getting my information established in their system, they rated my military reserve pay as child support/alimony. Now that I am in underwriting with the VA... Read More »
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