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Posted 4/14/2014

adrian t.
Closed My VA home loan as promised and with no closing costs
My Wife and I had a wonderful experience at Lenox Financial Mortgage. We closed our escrow three days earlier than anticipated which helped a lot because it closed on Thursday and recorded Friday verses waiting until Monday. We have a VA home loan... Read More »
Posted 3/21/2014

D.D. D.
Great service from Paul Hampton
Paul Hampton made sure that the refinancing of our two properties get processed in less than a month at the same time. He was always available and quick to resolve issues regarding our loans.
Posted 11/22/2013

David l.
Great follow up and communication
Paul H. at Lennox did a great job with my REFI. This is not my first rodeo, I knew what I wanted and Paul delivered. The APR, terms and fees were exactly as promised. Constant communication and follow up is what this business is all about. I will ... Read More »
Posted 11/14/2013

Michael H.
Great experience
Very strange to read negative reviews above. I don't know if these folks did 180° turn in response to these postings, but my experience was great. Mike Rael and Julianne Carr were pretty flawless in their communication regularity and honesty. I do... Read More »
Posted 11/12/2013

suzanne m.
Five Stars
Timing is everything. I was in the final stages of re-financing with the broker I used to buy my house 18 months ago. While he did an excellent job with my original loan, his expertise, communication and process management failed to deliver an e... Read More »
Posted 11/8/2013

john b.
Most pleasant mortgage process i have ever experienced. Couldn't have asked for a better broker or loan processor.
From start to finish, Moses H. kept me informed of the process and all costs associated with the loan. For what I needed, they made sure I had all the information up front and made sure that I knew what was next. Most people don't understand that ... Read More »
Posted 11/1/2013

Bryan A.
A Fantastic Refinancing Experience
We had the best refinance experience ever with Ryan Beacham. He made the process easy, and he was fantastic to work with! If you go to Lenox, ask for Ryan. You won't be disappointed.
Posted 10/31/2013

B V.
Helpful people made the process smooth and easy
When I purchased my first home in January this year I was bit intimidated by the whole process but a good Realtor and the helpful people at Lenox made it as smooth and easy as it could have been (I've had more issues getting a auto-loan). They alw... Read More »
Posted 6/25/2013

Greg P.
Refinancing with Lenox Financial = A GREAT Experience!
I couldn't be happier with my experience in doing a refinance than I was with Lenox Financial. All the way through the process I was kept up-to-date on how it was progressing. It all went extremely smoothly thanks to Mark Doll & Terry Thay. Th... Read More »
Posted 6/6/2013

Bruce M.
Unbelievably Bad Experience
This is the company advertising on the radio "This loan won't cost you one thin dime" and "The biggest no-brainer in the history of the world." Told us we easily qualified and rushed us into the appraisal which cost us $375 but... Read More »
Posted 5/3/2013

c A.
Loan with Lennox
First Experience .. It was a good one Loan Officer - Sara C. and Processing Manager Julianne c. Were helpful ..knowledgable ..effecient Only 1 bump in the Road ..Quickly taken care of Pretty easy Process
Posted 4/10/2013

M T.
Horrible Service
I wish there was a way to seek recourse against a lender for horrible service and delays in closing and funding. If you have the choice, do not select this company to handle your loan. Your escrow will be exponentially delayed with no recourse, co... Read More »
Posted 12/12/2012

Penelope P.
Buyer Beware - Ripoff Company
Weslend/Lennox Financial is a sheister outfit! Stay Away!!!

I'm in day 70 of a mortgage loan process. My credit score is 820, my debt-to-income ratio WITH the new mortgage payment is 26. I've been at my same job with the same income for 8 ye... Read More »
Posted 11/1/2012

Jill L.
Lenox Financial (Irvine)
Look, we all know refinancing isn't easy. That's a given. But buyer beware! Lenox Financial has been in the business a long time now and they know how to play the game. They are worse than used-car salesmen. Remember, there are certain fees that ... Read More »
Posted 9/12/2012

Charles T.
What a lousy Mortgage company
I agree with M. Trent's review. They told me they would use my old appraisal for a refi. Which I sent them and then had me sign papers for an appraisal which I would never need. After a few days, they said my appraisal was too old because they l... Read More »
Posted 9/8/2012

Trent M.
The Worst Experience I have ever had
Worst experience I ever had with a mortgage company. Stay away far away from them. They lie, they put pressure on you to do things on their schedule, they give you wrong information, they lie, they change the rules, Had a float lock and rates we... Read More »
Posted 5/18/2012

Jason V.
Denied a FHA refinance because i am in the Military!
I was denied a FHA refinance because i am in the Texas Army National Guard and because of my affiliation with the Guard, i may be deployed at some point. If they did this to me, lord knows how many other members of the military they are doing this... Read More »
Posted 7/6/2011

Leandro R.
Review 7/6/2011
Overall, it was a pleasant experience dealing with Lenox Financial, specifically with Marques Wood. His knowledge and professionalism exceeded my expectations. I would have no problem referring potential customers to him or Lenox Financial. Ini... Read More »
Posted 5/12/2011

Bob F.
Review 5/12/2011
Terrible experience with Lenox. Initial contact sounded great, we were told that with a 810 credit score we should close within 2 weeks. After a month, they requested more info. We sent the requested info and it still wasn't enough. They needed to... Read More »
Posted 7/13/2009

Reece R.
Review 7/13/2009
Lenox financial mortgage is the most ethical, straight shooting mortgage company that I have dealt with. They give honest quotes, follow through on what they promise and I had a wonderful experience with them. I really can't recommend their servic... Read More »
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