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Ace is the one of the leaders in industrial tool sales. The continued growth was inevitable. In September 2003, ground was broken in Burbank, CA for what would become the 35,000 square foot headquarters for ACE Industrial Supply.  
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Customer Reviews, Ratings & Complaints
Complaint Posted 2/16/2021
Soon to be ex employee at Ace
This company is not Pro Female at all. Im quitting because they support office flirting, dating and hookups. The two asian guys in the purchasing depart f & k constantly flirt with me and other office girl and have made there way to the warehouse... Read More »
Complaint Posted 1/26/2016
Slick sales guy calls my place of business trying to sell me viper drill bits. I said I don't do business like this and you would have to come and shake my hand, give me a catalogue, show me some credible business history...ect. All of a sudden, h... Read More »
Complaint Posted 11/8/2014
Never Ordered Anything From Them and Now Ace Demands I Pay
I have never heard of Ace until I received a bill from them saying I owed them money for items I NEVER ordered. Once I looked up Ace online and after doing a bit of research it all makes sense - This place has all the markings of a total scam. I t... Read More »
Complaint Posted 7/22/2013
Ace Induatral is underhanded
The sales team had made arangement with me for payment on there tools. When I was half done paying for them, they started calling 40+ times a day complaining that I was not making payments and threaten to file theft charges on me. Intresting t... Read More »
Review Posted 5/15/2013
In the past 2 days a guy by the name of JOHN Phone Number 1-818-963-0989 and also 1800-223-3129 called our office 93 times one day and also plenty times the next day. Demanding payment, making terrible remarks about Native Americans, how we had no... Read More »
Complaint Posted 5/9/2013
In 2011 a sales rep with ace called me trying to sell Me some air hoses at a price that was extremely high. I said no thanks. The rep said he had my address and Would ship them to me so I could try them out. I said no thanks. Three weeks later I g... Read More »
Complaint Posted 1/23/2013
Sucky Sales Slobs
My company has been getting calls from this bunch of "fools" for years! I thought my partner was crazy until I heard the call this evening at 6p. Besides the spoofed telephone number, the caller was loud, rude and offensive. It is clear that is th... Read More »
Complaint Posted 12/11/2012
Rude and crude
The many calls we receive from this company (even though we have repeatedly asked that they quit calling) have turned ugly. Yesterday the "rep" called my secretary very rude names several times. I was unable to get to the call, however she maintai... Read More »
Review Posted 10/26/2012
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Ace Industrial - the company is a total scam and will not stop calling (harrassing) calls
The products are not as promised. The calls do not stop. Have told them over and over that we are not interested. Have started to whistle into the phone and that does not stop them. Started using a metal security whistle. They kept calling complai... Read More »
Business's response - by David M.on 12/27/2012
The reasson we have contacted this company, is due to them having material that they have failed to pay for or return. Simply return the material or pay for your invoice and the company will happily add your name to our "do not resell" list, based... Read More »
Complaint Posted 10/24/2012
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Salesmans code was SUC .. that fits
I was always told to check out a company before buying anything from them...guess I should have done it this time.. After many calls from the salesman (SUC) The final call was when he said "Have a got a deal for you"..I am going to send you a free... Read More »
Business's response - by David M.on 12/27/2012
We have attempted to contact this individual and have had no response. The Salescode SUC showed no response either, so we are presuming the issue was resolved with a simply price adjustment. Respectfully, David Meininger Compliance Dept... Read More »
Complaint Posted 2/28/2012
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This is unbelievable
Over the past 2 years, Ace Industrial Supply has been calling for one of our representatives asking to place orders, send promotional materials, confirm shipping, verify product orders, etc. Not one time have we "approved" these orders. They ope... Read More »
Business's response - by David M.on 4/9/2012
If you have contacted me concerning calls to your company, pelase inform the forum of how we proceeded, how we responded, the outcome and if we have satisfied your request. Respectfully, David Meininger Compliance Dept. 800-223-3129 Ext... Read More »
Complaint Posted 2/10/2012
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Ace is a scam. My small company recieved 2 cases of de-icers, that's a total of 24 cans. WE DID NOT ORDER THEM...I called, a woman told me they called and got a confirmation. I asked what # she called, and she read off a # that does not belong to... Read More »
Business's response - by David M.on 4/9/2012
I would encourage you to contact me concerning this call. this does not sound like the "Jerome" we have in customer service. Respectfully, David Meininger Compliance Dept. 800-223-3129 Ext 1116 Read More »
Complaint Posted 1/26/2012
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Worst company in the WORLD.
I had the pleasure (notice the sarcasm)of speaking with David today. When I tried to tell him what the salesman told me on the phone he cut me off and said he knew that he was a stand up guy. When I asked if he was calling me a liar he said his sa... Read More »
Business's response - by David M.on 4/9/2012
First and foremost, the conversation you are speaking of was not with me. I would never, nor have I ever spoken to anyone in that tone. Itake my job seriously, and ANY complaint or issue that is raised with this company has a direct affect on m... Read More »
Complaint Posted 1/24/2012
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David M. Before you even start about following the FCC consumer compliance rules, let me tell you this your company does not. I have told your telemarketers several times to take my number off your list and they still call. Don't believe me, every... Read More »
Business's response - by David M.on 4/9/2012
Ace Industrial Supply has adopted and adheres to the policies described below to comply with the Federal regulations, and if applicable, state Do Not Call laws. Ace Industrial Supply checks or scrubs telephone numbers on our calling lists against... Read More »
Complaint Posted 12/20/2011
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Without a doubt the most unprofessional business in existence, received a phone pitch a month ago stating they would send a bunch of products if we purchase some "air tool", I told them all purchases would need to be approved by the owner, low and... Read More »
Business's response - by David M.on 4/9/2012
If your call was made to us "after" 30 days of the delivery date, we would require you to send the material back at your own cost. If not, contact me direct and we can discuss the matter in more detail. Respectfully, David Meininger Compli... Read More »
Complaint Posted 10/27/2011
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Review 10/27/2011
Business's response - by David M.on 11/5/2011
your experience sound terrible. I would need more information to assist you. I have attempted to send you a message but have had no response. In order to see what has happened and fix any kind of problems that you state we have caused, please cont... Read More »
Complaint Posted 6/19/2011
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Review 6/19/2011
After seeing all these complaints that are rather identical and the same identical response I'm starting to wonder....All these folks can't be wrong.
Placed an order for an SDS bit hammer drill/case and bits. Got a drill of some sort in a box (m... Read More »
Business's response - by David M.on 6/20/2011
If you look at your invoice or packing slip you will see our contact number. Our customer service line (again, on your invoice) is 1-800-223-3129. Customer Service is available to help you from 7-4 (pst). If you fail to get a response that is to y... Read More »
Complaint Posted 5/25/2011
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Review 5/25/2011
We own a body shop; and have been getting harassing phone calls from this company for over a year. We have repeatedly asked to be removed from their call list, told them to STOP calling us...and yet we get phone calls daily. My advice? If they cal... Read More »
Business's response - by David M.on 5/25/2011
I had the pleasure of speaking with the receptionist of this company yesterday. Based on her request and our conversation, we pulled phone records to show that we had contacted this company three times in the past two months. We had establishe... Read More »
Complaint Posted 3/22/2011
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Review 3/22/2011
I got screwed by ace 10 years ago, will never do business with them again. Have asked nicely for the last 10 years the 2 to 3 times a month to be removed from there call list and been promised hundreds of times that as soon as they hung up they wo... Read More »
Business's response - by David M.on 3/23/2011
ray b, You and I had spoken in regards to your complaint yesterday. I thank you for contacting me direct. As we discussed, your name would be added to the do not call list. We had pulled record and discovered our company had made one call to y... Read More »
Complaint Posted 3/10/2011
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Review 3/10/2011
One star cause I have to! I am not sure where to even begin, I will start by saying BEWARE OF ACE INDUSTRIAL SUPPLY. We made the mistake of accepting "free gifts" which cost us over 400.00 dollars of cheap crap. I could of bought at any local swap... Read More »
Business's response - by David M.on 3/23/2011
Tracy T, First and foremost, we do not sell "junk". Ace Industrial Supply sells name brands such as Milwaukee, Bosch, Ridgerock, Air cat, Mercer, Etc. I would be interested to know what "items" you received that came from a "swap meet". I h... Read More »
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