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Customer Reviews & Ratings
Posted 9/10/2013

Ashley S.
absolutely GREAT
Today was my first day working with Casting 360, seriously activated my account this morning, and by 8pm tonight I have received three e-mail responses from my 13 submissions... and a phone call for a new and upcoming independent film producer! Ya... Read More »
Posted 8/13/2013

Great Service
This site is unreal, I have seen and have been a victim of many scams but wow this site is truly giving you the access to opportunity simply for you to take it!!!! Don't expect a hand out but expect the plate to be full of food and this site gives... Read More »
Posted 7/27/2012

Sean B.
Bad Customer Service and Shady Business Tactics
I signed up with Casting360 in June, cancelled and then for some reason received 2 bills within 4 days of each other. Unfortunately I work full time and could not get to calling the support center during their inconvenient member service hours. Ho... Read More »
Posted 1/17/2012

Sam H.
like like like
Hello everyone i want to say that i like it.. the website, the support, the gigs i get - everything! you should try it before you write a review
Posted 1/10/2012

derrick p.
my exp
Ive been wit it for months now.. and id say they are true.. i got calld wit real offers i give 5 to!
Posted 1/6/2012

Kim D.
member of Casting360
I am a proud member of Casting360.. anyone who is reading this, trust me - they are no scammers! these guys are 100% legit they are very supportive! check out their facebook page if you don't believe me
Posted 9/22/2011

Morgan M.
Review 9/22/2011
This company is a scam, complete with unauthorized credit card charges and the legal record to prove it all. Just google search them or visit the BBB to see their D- rating and 200+ negative reviews. Please don't be misled by those giving this com... Read More »
Posted 3/7/2011

Anwar s.
Review 3/7/2011
The biggest scam!!! in a recession like this the government should do something about buisness practices that don't do what they promise. I was trying to find a Job not pay more money. I'm broke thats why I was looking for a Job not so people coul... Read More »
Posted 10/2/2010

Rita L.
Review 10/2/2010
I have just joined Casting360 and think that it is a wonderful opportunity to expand my experience from that of a life coach and nurse into something focused on portraying the life of another. Very easy site to use and as I have both twitter and ... Read More »
Posted 9/19/2010

Tina K.
Review 9/19/2010
Hey everyone! I just wrapped up what is going to be a 2 hour special on the Discovery channel. Should air sometime in January and it's called "When Aliens Attack!" And yes it's a Documentary. The effects were awesome! Loved it! I played a featured... Read More »
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