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This Company's Nature of Business is Homeowner Insurance and Warranty Services for Homes.  
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Homeowner Insurance and Warranty Services
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Customer Reviews & Ratings
Posted 7/30/2014

Jeff B.
Never had a problem getting a claim taken care of
I signed on with the company when it was called Total Protect and was offered to me through my Mortgage lender, Washington Mutual at the time. I have never had an issue with their service, they have always addressed any issues I had with local ser... Read More »
Posted 5/12/2014

rosalyn o.
HomeSure of America Corpus Christi, Tx
I am writing this review on behalf of my father. He signed up in Oct. 2013 and was doubtful of HomSure of America but decided anyways to sign up. The heater went out two months later and called to file a claim. Customer Service said they would loc... Read More »
Posted 4/30/2013

Ronald S.
This company is the best of the best
When my wife signed up with Homesure I thought she made a mistake. I was completely wrong. This company is everything they say they are and then some. I have never been more satisfied with any service type organization. On top of that, their emplo... Read More »
Posted 4/11/2013

Good experience past 3 years
For the past three years we have had Homesure and I can honestly say it has served us well. We have used it for our washer (which we received a credit for), our dryer which was fixed and twice on our A/C and our furnace. They have sent out knowled... Read More »
Posted 3/8/2013

bruce b.
They sent a repair person to my house 9 times and charged me 2 ductibles
They should have replaced my fridge after 3 visits. They just wanted to keep sending more repairmen. I had to take off 9 half days of work and throw food out 4 times because they would not replace it.
Posted 10/25/2012

Ter M.
Liars & Crooks
Residential MD somehow obtained my bank account information and has been charging my account for aunthorized transactions for the past 3 months. When I contacted them, the customer service rep stated that they spoke to me over the phone, and obtai... Read More »
Posted 10/20/2012

Michael R.
Personal Opinion: Stay Away From This Company
Articles often state that you should review the full terms of a contract before signing any agreement. Unfortunately, even if you read and understand the contract, this does not help when the other party cannot read or understand their own contra... Read More »
Posted 10/16/2012

Marion S.
I do not recall getting a phone call from these people, but I noticed on my online Bank Account Summary that they have been charging me $54.95 (total of $164.85) three times, once a month, August through October with no authorization or service r... Read More »
Posted 9/6/2012

Michael B.
Home sure. Cross country home services
This outfit is a scam !!! I received a call and the next thing I knew my Checking account had been drafted for almost $200, When I called to complain, I was told they had a recording authorizing the charge. This is totally untrue. So far I have no... Read More »
Posted 6/8/2012

Raymond J.
Home Warranty Service
My wife and I built our home in Crete Il in 2007. Our mortgage company Bank of America sent us information on Total Protect Home Warranty. Over the years we have had our central air condtioner serviced at least three times the last being in March ... Read More »
Posted 3/26/2012

Jacoby J.
BEWARE: This company defrauded me and others
I paid my premiums dutifully for years. Then when my A/C stopped working they cancelled my warranty saying that they have the option of cancelling a policy (read the fine print). Is that legal?
Posted 1/26/2012

gordon h.
Read the fine print before you sign up
I signed up for this plan as we have several high-end appliances and systems in our house and their brochure suggested that instead of spending big dollars to replace/repair appliances or systems we could reliably depend on ResidentialMD to repair... Read More »
Posted 10/31/2011

Mic M.
Review 10/31/2011
I wish I could give minus 10 stars. Homesure of America/Residential Md/Cross Country Home Services are running a scam. Beginning September 27 2011, Residential Md began unathorized withdrawals from my bank account. We contacted the company w... Read More »
Posted 7/14/2011

Nadene G.
Review 7/14/2011
I also received a phone call from my US Bank last night that then connected me with Home Sure. That's all the title they would divulge. They wanted to sell me an insurance policy on my home appliances, etc and their method was wanting to send o... Read More »
Posted 7/8/2011

Joseph J.
Review 7/8/2011
I received a call from a Wells Fargo Bank rep who said they were offering a home (appliance) protection plan to bank customers, and after being unable to get off the phone, I accepted the receipt of the service contingent upon receiving the litera... Read More »
Posted 5/13/2011

Elena C.
Review 5/13/2011
Don't use this Company you only get the run around send out bad contractors, they put in the wrong size compressor in our AC and now we have to get a new for over 200.00. My husband had a stroke I was in the Hospital when they sent Brock repair co... Read More »
Posted 3/29/2011

Jon L.
Review 3/29/2011
I am a customer of Homesure, except in my case they call it Total Protect Gold. One of dozens of names they apparently do business under. A total sham under any name. I have an A/C unit that I had their service people come out to do a seasonal ... Read More »
Posted 12/1/2010

S P.
Review 12/1/2010
I have had homesure for 3 years, I have a whirlpool cabrio washer and dryer big pieces of sh*#, they have been out 3 times to fix them and they have been great, and they came out and fixed my ac to, have not had any problems with homesure.
Posted 11/15/2010

Review 11/15/2010
The homesure of America is a bad deal they will take your money but wont replace the air conditioner, they give you the run around and I woulnt make them a choice. They are very worthless. I am tuning them in to the state of Texas and bb ls
Posted 11/9/2010

Bertha G.
Review 11/9/2010
I received info on this company and is supposedly trusted by my bank. I researched them and found all the complaints. That was just what I expected. I'm glad that I did cause I just saved myself money and lots of headaches. Just for info, if a... Read More »
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