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Customer Reviews & Ratings
Posted 8/19/2014

lucas c.
Freshstart finally gave me and my family the solution we needed.
I came into Freshstart extremely skeptical having been in and out of the 12 step program for a long time. The problem was I was in and out of sobriety for a long time and for me and my family that was simply not acceptable but no one offered any w... Read More »
Posted 8/6/2014

Lance S.
Saved my life
I went to Fresh Start because I had a serious problem with Heroin and Crack. It was destroying my life both the relationships with my family and draining me financially. One of the reasons that I choose Fresh Start is because I am gay. I needed a ... Read More »
Posted 7/3/2014

Carl W.
Bright shining Citizens
I went to a Narconon graduation about a year ago. There were 6 people of various ages that competed the program. Each person told their story of going to drug hell and finally getting out by doing the Narconon Program. Each spoke to the gather cro... Read More »
Posted 7/3/2014

Carol C.
Sanest program out there
I have been the Billing Coordinator here at Fresh Start for 5-1/2 years. In reviewing the medical records of our clients, I have seen miraculous changes in every one over the course of the program. It's like day and night, from when they start to ... Read More »
Posted 9/1/2012

Brenda E.
Grateful for Narconon
I found Narconon for my daughter's addition to Meth in November 2008. My daughter has been clean ever since, now with a family and two beautiful daughters. I was extremely impressed with the Narconon program. It provided her with tools to deal ... Read More »
Posted 8/31/2012

Susan S.
This rehab WORKS!!!
I will forever be grateful that we found Narconon! My daughter was addicted to heroin and on the verge of killing herself. This program not only cleaned her body it also got to her core issues of her addictive personality issues. Then they helped... Read More »
Posted 8/31/2012

Susan A.
This Program Saved My Daughter's Life
Our experience with Narconon was amazing. Our daughter had a two year meth addiction. We had tried another (twelve step) program which didn't work. Our daughter is now 30 years old and has been drug free for eight years. This program truly sav... Read More »
Posted 8/31/2012

Sona S.
Narconon saved me!!!
Narconon saved my life!!!! It blows my mind to read awful things about such an amazing organization that is dedicated to saving lives!!! First off it is ones choice to use drugs or alcohol. I remember feeling helpless and no hope because I didn'... Read More »
Posted 8/31/2012

Nola P.
Rehab Program that Works!
Narc.Fresh Start-a top rehab program! Not time-based-worked for my son after 3 failures @ other programs. Check it out!
Posted 8/30/2012

Pam D.
Narconon Fresh Start
Narconon truly gave my son a fresh start after 10 years of drug abuse. They also saved his life. The path he was on was certain to kill him. Narconon give my son the tools to live a health life, take responsibility for his actions, respect himsel... Read More »
Posted 8/18/2012

Suzie L.
beware not what it seems
I can't begin to touch on all the complaints I and my family have regarding this company and the facility in Nevada Rainbow Retreat. There are several wrongful death suits against Narconon. In our situation our family member was sent home with th... Read More »
Posted 9/7/2011

Clint H.
Review 9/7/2011
Narconon SAVED MY LIFE!!! I had tried multiple rehabs prior to going to Narconon and couldn't stay clean. I prayed to GOD to help me out and he led me on the path towards Narconon. My parents reasearched Narconon and did find some bad things about... Read More »
Posted 9/7/2011

Derek O.
Review 9/7/2011
After being thru several programs in patient and out patient I finally found one that worked at Narconon Fresh Start! Their program truly saved my life and gave me what I needed to be happy and a productive member of society. The program addressed... Read More »
Posted 9/6/2011

David V.
Review 9/6/2011
I completed the Narconon Program in October of 2008. My life had pretty much hit bottom. For the longest time I struggled with pot and Adderall. It took doing this program to make me realize what I needed to do to become and remain sober. As o... Read More »
Posted 9/6/2011

joe M.
Review 9/6/2011
Our daughter was sent to Narconon almost 2 years ago(she came out less than a year ago). Her problem was deep and severe. She was very unhappy there mostly because of what see was going through. It was not that they were not professional, because ... Read More »
Posted 9/6/2011

Bradley D.
Review 9/6/2011
Narconon Fresh Start quite simply saved my son’s life! The tools and treatment they gave him will be with him for the rest of his life. They kept him as long as it took and that was nearly 6 months. They made sure he was feed well and safe all ... Read More »
Posted 9/2/2011

Debra D.
Review 9/2/2011
Narconon Fresh Start WORKS. My daughter got her life back there. One of the reasons I chose the program for her is because they promised "it takes as long as it takes." They made good on the promise. It wasn't a 60-day or a 90-day program, with mo... Read More »
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