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This company's business is providing a credit card offer and services.  
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Customer Reviews & Ratings
Posted 10/16/2013

ripped off by walmart! W.
MoneyCard from Walmart will give you the worse customer service you've ever none! You will foolishly put yur hard earned cash into the card, pay the fees for the "privelige" of using it, and will not get any customer se... Read More »
Posted 6/12/2013

Michelle T.
Scam don't purchase this money card
Purchased a Walmart prepaid money card through their company on June 9 today is June 12 and I'm not able to activate the card nor when I asked for a refunded I was told it will be 7 to 12 business days for a refunded. The company stated that they ... Read More »
Posted 11/26/2012

K B.
A total scam
DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT purchase a Walmart Money Card. I have lost money and I didn't receive my new card either. It has been almost two months now. Please don't waste your time nor money. Walmart can't help you out and the customer service number... Read More »
Posted 8/27/2012

linda m.
Walmart Money Card is nothing but a scam/ripoff !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DO NOT buy a money card. I put 500 dollars on one and immediately they took out $42.16 for "funding" have called them numerous times and filed a dispute but have not been told what this was for or given even part of my money back. WHAT A RIP... Read More »
Posted 8/6/2012

Sally D.
Avoid this Card!!!
Our card never arrived. We needed it for a trip our daughter was taking overseas. When I tried to choose to have it sent express when I activated it, I was hung up on. When I called back, I was told it was "too late" to change. When I called to re... Read More »
Posted 5/29/2011

James V.
Review 5/29/2011
Just wow, I got this for one thing and that was to buy things from overseas like things from the United Kingdom, I was truly mad when I found out that I couldn't. They really need that on the front instead of on little letters inside.
Posted 5/25/2011

Mark A.
Review 5/25/2011
MoneyPak apparently has a limit of $250 per year that you can transfer into a PayPal account. Far be it from them to actually mention this anywhere on their card. Or mention that you will have to give your social security number and birthdate to a... Read More »
Posted 5/22/2011

Cort J.
Review 5/22/2011
I should have read this reviews. That is the worst money experience I ever had. I'm astonished that such a huge company could create such a error prone system. First I was told I could use the card to transfer money out of the country - that was ... Read More »
Posted 4/30/2011

Suzanne S.
Review 4/30/2011
DO NOT go with this card if you are just looking for a quick way to set up a debit account. I purchased the card as a way to send money with my 13 year old on a school trip to a city 6 hours away. I loaded the card with 100 dollars, activated it... Read More »
Posted 4/29/2011

Tronda L.
Review 4/29/2011
I cannot believe this company does not have an F for the grade. I am waiting for money to come back from their card and I have not received it yet. It's a shame that consumers have to be put through hell to get "their" money back. Walmart money... Read More »
Posted 3/18/2011

faye w.
Review 3/18/2011
I have also had a problem dealing with WalMart and their dictatorial attitude with their Moneycard. If you deposit a large sum of money, you can expect it to be held hostage and only get $400 a day from this card. Even in a dire emergency, Walmart... Read More »
Posted 12/15/2010

steve m.
Review 12/15/2010
Try to use this card online .....good luck.Unless you have money to be locked up in pending ,And A 5+ day wait to see it again this card is not for you trust me and save yourself the headache.
Posted 8/29/2010

Robin G.
Review 8/29/2010
I have had horrible experiences with Walmart Money Card. I had placed an order for a new computer online. My card was charged and then I recieved an e-mail that my order was going to be on back order for about a month. I didn't want to wait that l... Read More »
Posted 4/27/2010

Joshua K.
Review 4/27/2010
I am dealing with issues stemming from Walmart's Moneycard. My card was stolenn so I had it cancelled and another card mailed out to me via FedEx. The problem is that I paid the extra money for rush delivery on the 21st and it is now the 27th whic... Read More »
Posted 3/14/2010

Natacha J.
Review 3/14/2010
I have never received such poor service like I received with the Walmart Moneycard. They are very inexperienced and they ask you the same questions numerous times.I experienced this when I tried to activate their moneycard and was unsuccessful aft... Read More »
Posted 2/27/2010

Patrick G.
Review 2/27/2010
I would not recommend using this company at all! Wal- Mart itself is a very dishonest store, and then they go into the business of operating a pre-paid visa card, and they are just as dishonest. They falsely advertise the services that you can acc... Read More »
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