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  • I can't remember where I saw the add for their training but we signed up to help some of our staff with Quickbooks and our integrated Quickbooks PO... Read More »
  • My wife and I had our first experience with Edwin Novel Jewelry Design and I am so glad that we went with this company. We placed an order online a... Read More »
  • I had a horrible experience with them. Ordered a gem grade necklace, earrings, and a bracelet. Overall pearls looked nice, although not very round... Read More »
  • I love Wi Spa! They are the best Korean spa I have ever been to, they really make you feel so relaxed. I have gone here various times and I always... Read More »
  • When my furnace went out a few weeks ago, I called NRG and they sent out a technician in just a few hours. I was amazed at their response time and... Read More »
  • I am writing this review to thank Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates and Olga Garnica for explaining the process of a Modification. And espec... Read More »
  • Everything for a driver depends on the account one gets hired for. The account overall help me be a better driver. Got my feet wet to the industry... Read More »
  • I had read about the Willshire Skyline before moving here it sounded too good to be true but it is actually too good! This is the best place I have... Read More »
  • I ordered a set of Fuel wheels and nitto tires from wheelhero. Order arrived 4 days ahead of time and everything was a pleasure. Thanks a lot for t... Read More »
  • I ordered a set of wheels and tires and everything went perfect! Thanks a lot for everything Read More »
  • Its places like Nestled Recovery Centerthat give people struggling with Alcoholism and Addiction a chance to live a different life. Read More »
  • Great place! I recommend the Best place! It’s so good treatment .This is a great location and if you’re in Las Vegas, NV this should be on your min... Read More »
  • Everything written regarding Frank Esposito and Paradise Construction is false. A person who has multiple identifications who is a lier and a thei... Read More »
  • Great Company! Excellent Customer Service!! They contact many suppliers for you as you get started. If you have any questions you can call them and... Read More »
  • Thank you Nonprofit for helping me with my home and for referring Ricl @ NCS for helping me with my credit restoration. I would like to give specia... Read More »
  • Four star experience as far as customer service and work product are concerned. I might have even give them a fifth star but I was not a fan of one... Read More »
  • We had to let our outside accountant go because if issues we had with last years return. They were able to come in and help us out in a jam. We had... Read More »
  • I was having issues dealing with a family business that was for all intents purposes inherited by me last year. Having no real drive to move the co... Read More »
  • GGC has been a great resource for gold and silver bullion coins for me whether purchased with personal funds or by my IRA. Some of my purchases I k... Read More »
  • First contact was via a cold call so that is why they get a 3 star instead of the 4 star that I probably should have given. That being said the fir... Read More »
  • This company was helpful, quick and just "nice". I really appreciate them making my two tire blow out easier on me. I recommend this company...and... Read More »
  • I must complement the entire LapTopKey team for the very efficient service - for going above and beyond - my package got lost in the mail - replace... Read More »
  • Convenient, easy to use. Love being able to pay rent right on the phone or a little a week or all at once. It's great! Read More »
  • I’ve had the pleasure of working with Alex and his team at allegiance gold. From the beginning, they have been prompt and thorough. The folks at al... Read More »
  • It was a pleasure doing business with this company. They were on time and within the budget they quoted me. I was extremely please with the profess... Read More »
  • Where do I start?  I'll start by thanking God for NACA.  You guys are heaven sent.  We had a 1st and a 2nd, and behind on both.  Our 2nd was schedu... Read More »
  • BOA sold my loan to this horrible company. I have excellent credit and it sounded like a deadbeat company for people who don't pay. All was well fo... Read More »
  • Pacific Associates provides a positive service and is extremely easy to work with. They walked us through every step of the process and anytime we... Read More »
  • The delivered order ("How Sweet It Is" Bouquet) did not remotely resemble the online picture of the bouquet. The pictured bouquet showed lush roses... Read More »
  • Was kind of nervous initially was talking to another gold company at the time but felt better with this company especially since I was contacted fi... Read More »
  • This was a two phase move due to the distance involved and loading occurred one day and unloading the next day. The 3 men on our team were efficien... Read More »
  • I worked with a gentleman who only responded to my emails if I was going to add more debt to my account. They sent me over to ERG as the place I wa... Read More »
  • In order to complete state to state title transfer, I have been in contact with them since Dec 10th. The reps are ridiculously inefficient and nast... Read More »
  • Dr. Pamela Cain is the best for cosmetic dentistry and dental implant services. Read More »
  • This company called and asked if we would like a free shipment of ink. One of my staff said sure. The ink arrived, and a few days later an invoice... Read More »
  • Purchased extra-large cuddle seat about 5 months ago and have a defective cuddle seat. I have been in contact with Richard via email and by phone.... Read More »
  • Thanks to the performer for work in higher mathematics. Of course, they asked me whether I myself decided, since everything is correct and detailed... Read More »
  • I highly recommend this photography, great quality! Read More »
  • I cannot get enough of Edwin Novel's diamonds and their customer service. Many types of metals, different stones and shapes, and nothing better tha... Read More »
  • I highly recommend this attorney who helped in my difficult situation from which I even was able to get financial compensation. Very friendly peopl... Read More »
  • I had some pain in the back tooth, bottom and second from back. I called around since it was bothering me and it was kind of urgent. They were able... Read More »
  • This company is a complete waste of time and was a very disappointing experience. Quite degrading! The profiles they make look like you are on a CH... Read More »
  • Me quejo porque no me aprobaron el préstamo para usar en libre inversión... no tengo el mejor historial pero puedo pagar las cuotas.. chile Read More »
  • State to State Logistics is the best! They are not only very professional but very good at what they do. They make sure all your items are secure b... Read More »
  • Such great selection of diamonds!! Customer service was very helpful and organized, package is secured, and presentation looks beautiful and profes... Read More »
  • I am doing CE for real estate. Annette has gone above and beyond her duties to help me in completing the coarse. I was a very high maintenance stud... Read More »
  • I have had multiple treatments from the Wi Spa, but this time I got the special massage. The scent of the essential oils was amazing and relaxing.... Read More »
  • Wasted my time. They sent me 275/55/20 tires for my half ton pickup. Recommended by their guide. Wanted me to pay extra to have the correct tires s... Read More »
  • Steve Uzan did a great job explain product features and benefits, as well as differences between models, types of machines, etc. He was never impat... Read More »
  • Everything went smoothly during the process just as they advertise. I really appreciate the ease of ordering and confidence I now have done busines... Read More »
  • I hired Summit to do a move for my mother and they managed to damage a few items in the process. They pretend to care when they deliver the move. W... Read More »
  • I am surprised with the high quality of the service I got when transporting my 2016 Ford Explorer from Denver to Salt Lake city. They picked up the... Read More »
  • I closed my loan three years back and they haven't released my title yet!!!! They have an electronic lien on the title and they don't know how to r... Read More »
  • I have been trying to find a great jeweler around the LA area and came across Edwin Novel Jewelry Design. I made sure to check out their reviews an... Read More »
  • I purchased gold snowy owl 1/4 ounce coins 20% cheaper than Lear Capital. Great company to do business with. I would give them a five star but my s... Read More »
  • After investing in gold, both stocks and physical, I decided it was time to talk to a professional, one with more experience. Am I glad I did! Adva... Read More »
  • My wife and I recently purchased 2 beautiful pieces (prints from Dali's Carmen suite) from Joe and the Dali Society. The experience was top-notch:... Read More »
  • I have used Birch Gold Group at least 4 or 5 times now and have been very satisfied. For the most part I have worked with Sheldon. He is a pleasure... Read More »
  • 2020 started roughly with a death in the family. Luckily, I was able to salvage what memories were left with the inheritance of the CJ7 at World Fa... Read More »
  • I've been in the mortgage industry for over 20 years. I found myself needing a loan modification and foreclosure defense. Because of my background,... Read More »
  • Prime Choice Funding, Inc Adam Cox and Lisette Guillen are awesome! Adam tried his best to give us the best refinance rate, I believe we got the lo... Read More »
  • Joseph was excellent to work with and provided by far the best package I could find in the market. I had been considering a re-finance for months b... Read More »
  • I went to the mall to find a respectable engagement ring and I was not able to afford anything nice. I then went on google and found a few jewelers... Read More »
  • My experience with Allegiance Gold has been nothing but impeccable. Their knowledge and expertise of the industry made me confident in trusting the... Read More »
  • Wow! This review won't do this company justice. I was floored with how simple and quick the process was to convert my assets into precious medals.... Read More »
  • My experience with Goldco and Jace Kent and his team have been a very informative and welcoming experience. Everyone I have spoken to so far with t... Read More »
  • After moving from out of state last year, living at Willshire Skyline has made Hollywood home for me. The only issue I have had been with my sink a... Read More »
  • I bought a house recently and All Interiors New York helped me design the living room and it was very beautiful my wife loved it. Thank you very mu... Read More »
  • When I first started with Merchant One, I absolutely fell in love with the company. I thought they were the best thing since sliced bread! Gaby Sok... Read More »
  • I am impressed with the quality of service you afforded us. Thank you! Read More »
  • The staff were very friendly and helpful! I really love the hospitality that was offered! Read More »
  • They give their all in their work. You can expect no less from them. Read More »
  • These guys sell the worst quality wheels I have seen in 30 years in the wheel business and the worst vendor I have had to try to care of the proble... Read More »
  • Surely worth my money. Satisfaction guaranteed! Read More »
  • Thanks for everything. You guys are great! Read More »
  • I was furnished with customary updates of my case and was constantly reached by means of my decision of contact. Bronx negligence lawyer was effect... Read More »
  • They have been gift to me for my sports related injury. I got cost effective and they are the advance body of knowledge in sports physical therapy.... Read More »
  • Chute plus Cleaning Service is reliable, professional, cheap cleaning service. I think they know how to deal with the problem. They did arrive on s... Read More »
  • Mold Remediation Queens is expert, and the group was astounding. We employed Mold Pro to remove water damaged area in our bathroom and they are on-... Read More »
  • Ordered from here before. Very good prices. Good quality lingerie. Just reasonable delivery time. Read More »
  • I have been a repeat client of Allegiance Gold for simple reasons: top notch customer service, valuable recommendations, constant communication— an... Read More »
  • It is my second time investing with allegiance gold and just like the first time, i am completely satisfied, yet thrilled and happy that i worked w... Read More »
  • The very helpful and courteous Allegiance team is a scam. I bought Gold & Silver for $40K which I was told was worth $40 K. Several months later I... Read More »
  • We want to thank you for letting us sell your product. We have had great success and will be placing another order shortly. We are planning to be d... Read More »
  • Purchased a few items from these guys, found their service to be exemplary. I already knew a thing or two about precious metals but they taught me... Read More »
  • Buyer beware! This company is as UNDEPENDABLE as they come. If you want a company that does NOT price gouge, calls you when the truck is on the way... Read More »
  • They give 110% effort in their work. Read More »
  • HireRight is incapable of thoroughly completing their investigations and reporting ACCURATE information. Please don't use them to screen applicants... Read More »
  • CRIMINAL. Literally. After weeks of giving them very specific designs, they sent the wrong windows. We let them know immediately and have spent mon... Read More »
  • It was easy to send and quick to get back an offer. I probably would have received more money if I tried to sell the items myself or on a consignm... Read More »
  • The Worst Company. Do not use them, read the negative online reviews! I was up charged on the day of move by 2,000$. By that time I had no time t... Read More »
  • The only reason for the 3 stars is the cost of their services are what I would consider on the high end. I guess you get what you pay for so it sho... Read More »
  • Thank You so much bio dent your dental services are awesome. My daughter now able to eat properly and her teeth are now stronger you guys are done... Read More »
  • Just 4 Fun Party Rentals went above & beyond for our beach party that involved a complex setup. When the tide changed & we were worried the tent wa... Read More »
  • I highly recommend Mr. Gabriel Hermann for anyone who requires compassion, professionalism, thoroughness and knowledge in their disability attorney... Read More »
  • I would certainly recommend this company because they are always prompt and efficient. Read More »
  • The first person we had sent over did not work out but they showed us how truly committed they were to our success they sent over a more senior con... Read More »
  • I trusted them and my website was not secure and would not pop up on google searches. They are totally outdated to the market place do not use them... Read More »
  • Seller was so kind and courteous. Took such good care of me. Definitely will be a repeat customer. My pendant charm was perfect. Not flimsy at all... Read More »
  • Cannot get enough of my earrings and matching pendant! Like the associate told me, these items are made to order (from scratch). The metal, designs... Read More »
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